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Elvish Yadav confirms plan to meet Maxtern to resolve issue – Watch

Elvish Yadav is on his way to meet Maxtern to resolve issues after their fight

Elvish Yadav confirms plan to meet Maxtern to resolve issue – Watch
Elvish Yadav

Last Updated: 05.53 PM, Mar 10, 2024


Maxtern had recently asked Elvish Yadav to meet him at his home. This is after their huge fight and an FIR filed against Elvish after the matter. Elvish has now responded to the same. He confirmed the plan to meet Maxtern today evening. The incident will decide the fate of the two YouTubers.

Elvish’s video

Elvish informed that he is meeting Maxtern today. Smiling, he then added that Maxtern is saying there will only be two people at his house. “Two-seater mein aa rahe ho kya?,” Elvish joked. He then said that he and his gang will come in a car, but only two-three people will accompany him.

Maxtern invites Elvish to his house

Last night, Maxtern went live and in the same, he invited Elvish to his house. Maxtern’s intentions, as he claims, were that the elderly should talk to Elvish. The Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner has taken on the challenge and is on his way to meet Maxtern and allegedly his parents at their home.

The incident

A video of Elvish and Maxtern went viral. In the video, Elvish is seen beating up Maxtern. The next day, Maxtern filed an FIR against Elvish claiming attempt to murder (which was not charged against Elvish). After #ArrestElvishYadav went viral, Elvish came to clear his side of the story. The Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner claims that Maxtern had been targeting him for eight months, which is since the time he joined the Salman Khan-hosted show and even after he won it. When Elvish met Maxtern in real life, things were different. Unable to understand the behaviour, Elvish wanted a meeting to clear things out. He had heard that Maxtern behaves in the way for footage but choosing to ignore it, Elvish approached Maxtern, who finally agreed for the meeting on March 8, i.e. on Women’s Day. Elvish claims that Maxtern tried to blackmail Elvish by stating that he would burn Elvish and his family, including his mother, alive. This irked the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner, who ended up beating Maxtern. Elvish also noted that there was a camera and mic in the room, which hints at everything being pre-planned, especially because of a similar incident in Jaipur involving Elvish. After the video, Maxtern sent his message across and Elvish has responded to the same.

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