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Elvish Yadav speaks up on his side of Maxtern fight and Arrest Elvish Yadav trend

Elvish Yadav claims Maxtern was targetting him since his Bigg Boss OTT 2 entry

Elvish Yadav speaks up on his side of Maxtern fight and Arrest Elvish Yadav trend
Elvish Yadav/Elvish's Instagram

Last Updated: 07.34 PM, Mar 09, 2024


A video of Elvish Yadav and Maxtern was going viral on the internet on March 8. Elvish has now shared his side of the story through a nearly 14-minute video. Talking about the viral video, Elvish said that he would want to address the ‘negativity’ on the internet. Speaking of the incident where he raised his hand on Maxtern, Elvish called out those who tagged him a culprit on the basis of that. He spoke up on the trend of #ArrestElvishYadav as well. Elvish called people emotional after hearing one side of the story and taking a side without even hearing the other. Moving on, he shared that people have been targeting him since 2020, which is why he’s used to it.

Started with a reaction

Elvish further asked everyone to check Maxtern’s Twitter and YouTube, back to the time when he went to Bigg Boss OTT 2. This was back in July 2023. He then asked everyone to compare what Elvish and Maxtern are doing with one another. Elvish claims that Maxtern has been poking him for eight months. He further claims Maxtern called Elvish and his gang ‘gavaar’ and ‘dogla.’ Elvish says that the two even met on shoot and bonded well there. Confused, Elvish would not understand why Maxtern behaves differently on social media and in real life. When somebody told him that Maxtern does it for his following, Elvish let go of the matter.

Elvish started responding to Maxtern, asking him if he’s still active. Elvish wanted to end the story and reached out to Maxtern, who did not wish to meet the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner. Elvish wanted to call up Maxtern and clear things out. The latter wanted to meet Elvish and they decided on the time and address. Maxtern revealed the chat on social media. Maxtern kept everyone updated about the meeting and warned Elvish as well that he wouldn’t meet him after 12.30 am. Elvish wanted to talk to Maxtern at his home and even assured Maxtern that he wouldn’t beat him up in his house because a guest is like God in Indian homes.

Maxtern targets Elvish’s mother?

Elvish had to go and meet his mother but Maxtern said that he would unalive Elvish and his family by burning them to ashes. That is what irked the YouTuber, who abused Maxtern. Elvish agrees things got heated up after that and asked Maxtern to send his location. Maxtern sent the address to a friend’s garment store, with a camera setup. Elvish pointed out how he did not update anyone on social media about the incident with Maxtern. He did not wish to record the incident either. Elvish then pointed out that Maxtern had a video as well as mic setup, thus everything was pre-planned.

On Elvish going with a group while Maxtern was alone, Elvish revealed that Maxtern was with three other people. Unfortunately, neither of them stepped forward to save Maxtern. Meanwhile, Elvish’s gang were trying to stop the fight rather than adding to it.

Recalling his Jaipur incident, Elvish pointed out how March 8 was Women’s Day, when Maxtern abused Elvish’s mother. He then asked others how would they react if a troll dragged their mother into unwarranted situations. Pointing out how one gets furious only on comments, he asks how would they react if trolls would pass a comment like “Teri maa ko zinda jala dunga.” He asked if they would talk to the trolls or react on the statement.

Elvish apologizes for hurting Maxtern more

Elvish claims he called Maxtern again after the fight, apologizing for his behaviour, especially for hurting Maxtern’s lips. He asked for another meeting to sort things out and called him home. Maxtern did not agree for it. Even after saying yes, he did not reach Elvish’s home. Maxtern went ahead and filed an FIR against Elvish, questioning Gurgaon Police and questioning why isn’t IPC 307 (attempt to murder) filed against him. Elvish then said that he did not carry any weapon and people started supporting Maxtern without knowing the whole truth.

“They made the call, put on the mic and are playing the victim card,” Elvish said, adding that Maxtern accused Elvish of trying to break his spine. “Aise tootti hai bhai spine?,” Elvish asked. He further spilled that his statement “Tujhe jaan se maar dunga” was in response to Maxtern dragging Elvish’s mother in the conversation.

Elvish then says that if he wanted to, even he could file an FIR because his t-shirt was also torn during the fight. He adds that if he wanted to, he could go to the cops and file an FIR against Maxtern for his statements and behaviour.

Elvish is charged under 4 IPCs, all of which are bailable offences. He further asks Maxtern to be practical in life. Through the video, Elvish also addressed the Gurgaon police and CM Khattar and promised to co-operate with the investigation. He then said that he’s not interested in violence or getting involved with legal matters after that. Further addressing Maxtern’s claim that the police filed a wrong FIR, Elvish said that if he had the power, he wouldn’t have let it come to the point where Maxtern files an FIR.

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