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Every love story needs a conflict; Sugar Factory has that with 3 heroines, says Darling Krishna

Darling Krishna is making a habit of having more than one heroine in most of his films, but there’s a reason to it, he says.

Every love story needs a conflict; Sugar Factory has that with 3 heroines, says Darling Krishna
Darling Krishna is joined by Sonal Monteiro, Shilpa Shetty and Advithi Shetty in the film

Last Updated: 10.11 PM, Nov 22, 2023


This Friday, Darling Krishna’s Sugar Factory, one of the films he had signed immediately after the success of Love Mocktail, will be in theatres. Like most of his other films from back then and right up to his last, Kousalya Supraja Rama, Sugar Factory too is a romantic drama and yet again, has him paired with more than one leading lady. The Deepak Aras directed film has not one, but three, namely Sonal Monteiro, Advithi Shetty and Shilpa Shetty.


Having multiple romantic interests is not a plot point that Krishna goes searching for actively, but just happened to be on his radar because he was favouring that genre of films for a while. Explaining the reason behind having more than one heroine, Krishna said that every love story needs a conflict, which will either be provided by the parents or siblings, or the entry of a third person, either a guy or a girl. In Sugar Factory, though, not all of the ladies are love interests. Sonal is who Krishna is paired with romantically, while Advithi and Shilpa have different relationship dynamics with the actor.

Sugar Factory is among the last of the lot of romantic dramas that Krishna had signed up for after Love Mocktail. The actor has not had a great run at the box office with his choice of films, owing to which, after Kousalya Supraja Rama, which he took up at the start of the year, he had not okayed any new project and was on the look out for a subject that would help him break out of the romantic hero mould. Thrillers, Krishna had said, were not his cup of tea and what he has eventually taken up is a period drama set during the early stages of the Indian Independence struggle in the 19th century.

The actor is preparing for a film called Halagali, which delves into the story of the Beda community, renowned hunters and warriors from North Karnataka, who were an important force in crushing the British during the First War of Independence in 1857. Krishna is looking at sporting a lean and muscular frame for the role and has been working out and sticking to a healthy diet, habits that he had given up during the making of Love Mocktail and returned to only now. The actor has already knocked off 6-7 kilograms as part of his prep.

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