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Everything you need to know before watching The Boys Season 4

The Boys gears up for its fourth season premiere on June 13, here’s a recap of season 3 to bring you upto to speed before the new season drops

Everything you need to know before watching The Boys Season 4

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Last Updated: 11.47 PM, Jun 11, 2024


As The Boys gears up for its fourth season premiere on June 13, fans can expect a thrilling summer packed with new super-powered characters, intense action sequences, and the return of a particularly menacing villain. Season 3 left a lasting impact with its standout moments, including a musical number inspired by Judy Garland and the infamous "Herogasm" episode. However, given the intricate storyline, it's understandable if you need a refresher on where the last season folded. In the previous season, tensions among the Boys rose as they struggled to agree on how to handle Soldier Boy's attempt to kill Homelander. Ultimately, they reunite in the finale, with Starlight/Annie joining their ranks. Since Season 3 aired in 2022, the release of the spin-off series Gen V has provided additional context and tie-ins to the upcoming season. So, before diving into what promises to be an explosive Season 4, here's a recap to ensure you're up to speed.

“The Boys” Season 3 spoiler alert

  • In Season 3 of The Boys, Homelander plunges further into darkness, shedding his heroic facade to publicly push dangerous lies about Starlight. Uncovering his true lineage as Soldier Boy's son only fuels his bloodlust, leading him to persuade his son Ryan to join his destructive path. The season culminates in a chilling scene where, after a protester targets Ryan, Homelander coldly executes him with his heat vision, met with cheers from his supporters. This pivotal moment signifies Homelander's acceptance of his true nature, with Ryan possibly poised to follow in his footsteps in Season 4.
  • Victoria Neuman, introduced in Season 2 as an anti-Vought politician, transforms into a major villain in Season 3. Her ability to make heads explode poses a serious threat as she gains more influence. Despite advocating for Supe regulation, she's secretly one herself, with the power to manipulate blood. Hughie discovers her true nature when he witnesses her using her abilities. In a twist, she strikes a deal with Homelander to eliminate her political rival in exchange for revealing Ryan's location. With Homelander's support, her path to power seems clear, potentially leading her to the presidency. Additionally, she's been injecting Compound V into her daughter Zoe, whose powers remain mysterious but hint at a significant role in Season 4.
  • In Season 3's finale of The Boys, major changes occur within The Seven. Starlight exits the team, while Black Noir meets his demise at the hands of Homelander. However, Black Noir's reappearance in Season 4's teaser suggests a new character under the mask. Queen Maeve seemingly sacrifices herself to stop Soldier Boy, but survives, losing her powers and an eye. She starts a new life with her girlfriend. Though presumed dead, Soldier Boy also survives, hinting at his future return. With Maeve's survival, there's potential for her comeback as well, ensuring an uncertain future for The Seven.
  • In the aftermath of Season 3's finale, The Seven is left with only Homelander, A-Train, and The Deep. Season 4 introduces two new female members: Sister Sage, possessing superhuman intelligence, and Firecracker, representing extreme right-wing ideologies. The trailer also teases the inclusion of two Gen V characters, Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan, who align with Homelander. Cate can control others by touch, while Sam boasts super strength and durability. Their roles in Season 4 remain uncertain, but their formidable powers pose a significant threat.
  • In the Season 3 finale of The Boys, Billy Butcher faces a new threat: the harmful effects of Temp V. Despite warnings from Annie about its dangers, Butcher relies on it to confront Homelander. After a confrontation at Vought Tower, Butcher ends up hospitalized, where he learns from a doctor that he has only 12–18 months to live due to Temp V's damage to his brain. Determined to keep fighting, Butcher hides his condition from his comrades but remains steadfast in his mission to take down Homelander, Vought, and now Victoria Neuman.
  • In Season 3 of The Boys, Starlight transitions from being a double agent within The Seven to officially joining The Boys. Despite initial struggles with Hughie and disagreements over his use of Temp V, they reconcile by the season finale. Despite Butcher's reservations, Annie becomes accepted by the group, bonding with Kimiko and Mother's Milk. After discarding her Starlight costume, Annie is unanimously voted into the team. With the series' continued success and a confirmed fifth season, along with a second season of Gen V in the works, fans can expect more shocking moments and social commentary in the upcoming season.

The Boys Season 4 premieres on Prime Video with the first three episodes releasing on June 13.

- Written by Apurva Dutta

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