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Exclusive! 8 A.M. Metro actress Saiyami Kher: Mumbai local and I have a relationship that is filled with nostalgia

The actress recalls her college days as her latest film with Gulshan Devaiah revolves around the train journey

Exclusive! 8 A.M. Metro actress Saiyami Kher: Mumbai local and I have a relationship that is filled with nostalgia
8 A.M. Metro film still

Last Updated: 12.22 AM, May 21, 2023


Actress Saiyami Kher who plays the protagonist in the latest released film 8 A.M. Metro shares her experience of shooting inside the Hyderabad metro for the first time. The actress also narrated her heartwarming story of Mumbai local trains. 

We asked her how unique the experience was, since she shot a major part of the film in the metro. To that, Saiyami told OTTplay, "Well, it was a very different experience of shooting a film in the metro and if I am not wrong, this was the first Hindi film that was shot in Hyderabad metro so the train played like a character in the narrative. Logistically, it was difficult at times especially to maintain continuity, especially in dialogues and then during dubbing because you see there is a noise." 

"When it comes to travelling, whether it is express train or local, I love train journey. When I go abroad too, I take local trains there if I get a chance. Here for me, Mumbai local (train) and I have a relationship really that is filled with nostalgia. I was studying in Xaviers and for that, every day I would take Churchgate local. Those were the days. You know when you are travelling by local train and catching a train at the same time every day, faces become familiar and even a smile exchange meant so much. I remember a few ladies would cut vegetables and I would ask them ke raate ke khane mein kya banega? Those chats that happen on a local train and the vibe of 'kya bole rahi hai public' was so much fun! But also you meet people with whom your journey is till a specific station and you never know if you will meet them again. I think suddenly I am missing my college days by talking about Churchgate local!," she shared. 

8 A.M. Metro is set in Hyderabad, where a young housewife named Iravati, who is a poet and has a love for literature, meets a stranger named Preetam on the metro. How catching the same metro every day and their regular interaction bring the two people together and heal each other's emotional wounds sets the basic storyline of the film. 

There are six poems, penned by the veteran poet Gulzar, that are used extensively as a crucial part of the narrative of the film. 

8 A.M. Metro is written and directed by Raj R. The movie has released in theatres. 

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