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Exclusive! Amit Sadh on Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan success: 'People are going out, it's like a picnic'

Amit Sadh has opened up about the stupendous success of Jawan. The film featured Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role.

Exclusive! Amit Sadh on Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan success: 'People are going out, it's like a picnic'

Amit Sadh reacts to Jawan's success. (Image source: Instagram/ IMDb)

Last Updated: 06.23 PM, Sep 29, 2023


Amit Sadh is currently gearing up for the release of his short film, Ghuspaith. It will premiere on October 6, 2023, on JioCinema as part of its ongoing film festival. While Amit was on a promotional spree for Ghuspaith, OTTplay did an exclusive interview with the actor. In conversation with us, Sadh shed light on the blockbuster success of Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan.

Amit went on to talk about Salman Khan's statement about Rs 1000 crore being the new benchmark for films. Apart from that, he spoke highly about the Hindi film industry.

Excerpts from OTTplay's chat with Amit Sadh...

On Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan success

Sharing his thoughts about Jawan's success, Amit Sadh exclusively said, "I am happy that people have enjoyed a movie like Jawan. They are going out (to watch the film). It is like a picnic and a holiday. Our superstars are great. They have set a great tone of professionalism and work ethic. It is for us youngsters to imbibe this culture, and strength from them and keep making great films and entertaining the audience."

Salman sir big pillar of strength: Amit Sadh

At an event, Salman Khan mentioned that Rs 1000 crore should be the new benchmark for films at the box office. Reacting to his statement, the actor added, "He is right! Salman sir is a big pillar of strength and force in our movie industry. This country has 1.4 billion people and all of them love films. Every movie should make money. More than money, we should make great films and inspire people. Cinema has the potential to inspire people. As a part of the movie industry, it is our duty to fulfil our dreams. But it is also our duty to inspire people, entertain them, and be good role models so that people and society can look up to us."

"Bollywood is a powerful industry"

Concluding his chat with us, Amit spoke about the Hindi film industry. "There is a lot of solidarity. Of course, agar gossip hota hain toh, sometimes only bad things about the industry come out in public. However, I don't believe them. This industry has been very nice to me. If they were not nice to me, I wouldn't have reached where I am. It is still a powerful industry. But we need to just get a little bit more unified, (have) solidarity, and focus on making better films and making more money. We are doing that," he signed off.

On the work front, Amit also has Duranga 2 lined up for release on ZEE5.

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