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Exclusive! Bhai Behen vs The World: Shubham Gaur doesn't take worry about the quantity of content

The content creator has made the new mini-series with his sister Saloni Gaur 

Exclusive! Bhai Behen vs The World: Shubham Gaur doesn't take worry about the quantity of content
Shubham Gaur

Last Updated: 08.27 PM, Dec 17, 2022


While creating a career from digital content can be a successful venture and lucrative opportunity for many, it is also true that maintaining the quantity and quality of the content can be hard and exhausting after a point of time.

Popular digital content creator siblings Saloni Gaur and Shubham Gaur, who have released their new mini-series titled Bhai Behen vs The World, believe that once one enters the space of being a content creator, there shouldn't be any complaint about the quality and quantity hustle.

In a special conversation with OTTplay, Shubham shared his thought on the matter.

Asked if he finds it challenging to create content on social media on a regular basis, Shubham told OTTplay, "Look, it was our choice to become content creators. So, before we enter this space, we are well aware of the fact that we have to follow the game of quantity, algorithm, and the number of posts we have to create every week, etc. But we also can set the volume of content you create. Yes, it can feel challenging at times, but overall, because we love what we do, it does not look like work. Now that we are in the game of content creation, we cannot really complain about it. I think that at times people make it an excuse to say that content is not working because the algorithm is not supporting or that there is too much pressure on quantity."

"Having said that, we do not put out content if we are not satisfied with it. I would rather take time to make good, entertaining content than just put something out, just for the sake of it. That is cheating our followers and audience, and I will never do it. We love our audience," added the youngster who has also acted in the web series Hostel Daze, Palang Tod and Uncommon Sense with Saloni.

Shubham has a YouTube channel in which he puts out a lot of funny and quirky content.He also has a weekly film review content show, Honest Review that comes out on the MensXP YouTube channel.

Created by Team Yellow Montage, Bhai Behen vs The World is streaming on Amazon miniTV.

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