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Exclusive! Composer Nobin Paul: Overwhelmed that 2018 is headed to the Oscars; 2023 is a good year for me

While Nobin lost out in the music category at the National Film Awards to RRR, he is hopeful that the score of 2018 strikes a chord with members of the Academy

Exclusive! Composer Nobin Paul: Overwhelmed that 2018 is headed to the Oscars; 2023 is a good year for me
Nobin Paul will score music for 2018

Last Updated: 04.49 PM, Sep 27, 2023


Music composer Nobin Paul is having a good year. Earlier this year, his film 777 Charlie was adjudged the Best Kannada movie of 2021 at the 69th National Film Awards. When the Rakshit Shetty-led film released in theatres, audiences were unanimous in saying how integral Nobin’s background score and songs were in elevating the film’s emotional quotient. Speaking to OTTplay at the time, Nobin had said, “Even though I have won an award for the background music of Rama Rama Re, the kind of positive response and feedback I got for 777 Charlie is a first for me. When we started making 777 Charlie, it was only meant to be a Kannada film, but over time, it grew larger and was tailored for a pan-India audience, which also meant that I am being flooded with messages from across the country.”


After the trailer of 777 Charlie came out, Nobin then got the call for what would be his Malayalam cinema debut – Jude Anthany Joseph’s film on the Kerala floods, 2018. “I was thrilled because a natural disaster narrative has immense scope for a musician, mainly with the background score, as it elevates the drama and emotions playing out on screen,” he told us. Making the year extra sweet for Nobin is today’s announcement that 2018 will be India’s official entry to the 2024 Academy Awards. The composer is, of course, thrilled to bits that this tale of human resilience and unity has been chosen to be sent to the Oscars.

When we rang Nobin to congratulate him about this, he was just coming off a team call with the cast and crew of 2018. “There was happiness all around. It’s still not sunken in really that our film will officially represent India. The team is also still trying to figure out what it entails by being the official entry, as to whether we will only be on the long list in the Foreign Film category or if 2018 has a shot at the others too. Else, we will look at doing the needful in ensuring the film is listed in categories like Best Musical Score, for instance,” says Nobin, adding, “2023 is turning out to be a good year for me. First the National Award for 777 Charlie and now 2018 is off to the Oscars. It is honestly humbling and a tad overwhelming that I have now been a part two such milestone movies in the span of a few months. The love I have got from audiences in this time has also been immensely gratifying.”

In an earlier interview with OTTplay, Nobin had explained that working on 2018 was a challenge, as there was rain from start-to-finish and the sound already had a layer of rain, thunder and associated sounds. The background score, which was mostly orchestral music, could not at any point drown out the sound of rain or vice versa and yet had to convey the drama unfolding on screen.

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