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Exclusive! Bloody Daddy: I’ve had instances on film sets where I’ve seen some of the most unappealing egos, says Amy Aela

OTTplay caught up with the actress who will be seen playing Shahid Kapoor’s flirtatious love interest in ‘Bloody Daddy'

Exclusive! Bloody Daddy: I’ve had instances on film sets where I’ve seen some of the most unappealing egos, says Amy Aela
  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 11.46 AM, Jun 08, 2023


After having starred in the much-appreciated Hotstar’s web series ‘Karm Yuddh’, ‘Good Bad Girl’ (Sony Liv), and the Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Runway 34’, the stunning actress Amy Aela went onto play the lead role in in the upcoming OTT series ‘Jane The Virgin’. She will now be seen as Shahid Kapoor’s flirtatious love interest in the extremely talked about and most-awaited film ‘Bloody Daddy’. The film will be streamed on Jio Cinema on June 9 onwards. OTTplay caught up with the actress for an exclusive interview. Here are the excerpts:

‘Bloody Daddy’ has indeed become the talk of the town. What’s your role in the film?
I play a character called Aisha in ‘Bloody Daddy’. She works as a Hotel Manager who crosses paths with the hero (played by Shahid Kapoor). Needless to say, she is enamoured! (smiles)

If I am not wrong, you were in Russia when you got the call for the role?
Bang on! I was in Russia at that time and was shooting for ‘Runway 34’. The casting team of ‘Bloody daddy’ contacted me, asking me to audition for this character. BUT…. I just did not have a camera setup! So, I used my brains and immediately ‘constructed’ a tripod with books. I stepped outside to buy an outfit, and rushed back to learn the lines. I filmed the audition in my room!

We heard that the casting team of ‘Bloody Daddy’ wanted you to be more dramatic! Right?
Right again! After seeing my audition, I got the much-awaited feedback from the casting house. And the feedback was that they wanted me to be more dramatic! So, when I was back to Mumbai, I went to the casting place and physically did the audition. But I felt that it was a bit off to be doing this audition in the way that was being asked. I just didn’t feel right. Luckily, I asked them to send my original audition as well. A few days later, when I was called to Ali sir’s office, I was told that he had seen so many versions of my audition and liked the original one only! (smiles).

You must have been happy?
Of course! Who wouldn’t be! The whole process made me realise the actors' first gut instinct on a character is what they should go with. Other people will always have opinions and inputs, but you should always carry a character in a way that feels right and authentic to how you perceive that character’s being.

Now, for the most cliched question… What kind of preparation did you do for the role?
Honestly, Aisha was very effortless for me in terms of a character. For this role, I had to stay in Abu Dhabi for 30 days, which was indeed challenging. I missed my best friend’s movie premiere and other key things. But sometimes, you have to make a choice. And in this instance, it was an important career step for me to do this film. And I was committed to ensuring I do the best possible job.

Can you recall your experience working with Shahid Kapoor and also the film’s director Ali Abbas Zafar?
Shahid is essentially a perfect human, an amazing actor. He is such a nice guy and super easy to work with. I immediately was comfortable with him, and never once, did I feel unsure or not valued. I’ve had instances in film sets where I’ve seen some of the most unappealing egos. And, I feel that when you are truly an artist who cares about the art, there is no room for ego. Everyone on the set deserves the same respect and grace. And, as for Ali Abbas sir, he was crystal clear on his desired output. And I just hope that I lived up to his expectations.

Since you are half Australian, how easy or touch / challenging is it for you to be speaking in Hindi?
Let me tell you that I was born and raised in Allahabad. So, my Hindi is pretty good! (smiles). When you are bilingual and graced with access to multiple cultures, it makes any language adaptation so easy. I usually don’t tell people I speak Hindi so that I can see what they’re saying (laughs heartily). Ninja tricks I can have up my sleeve!

What are your future projects?
Right now, I have an amazing role coming up in the Indian adaptation of ‘Jane The Virgin’ for Voot, directed by Prem Mistry and Debatma. I am also coming up with the Indian adaptation of ‘Revenge’ for Hotstar, which is being directed by Ruchi Narain.

Now that you are a bonafide Bollywood star, tell us about your favorite actor and director, with whom you would like to work with?
My all-time favourite actor HAS to be the late Irrfan Khan. I simply love his film ‘The Lunchbox’. I’ve also become a huge fan of Manoj Bajpai. I feel he is an effortless actor. And, in terms of who I want to work with, any opportunity to work with people like Shoojit Sircar, Neeraj Ghaywan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Anurag Kashyap, Mira Nair, Zoya Akhtar… I love these directors' visions and the cinema they produce.
Here, I wish to add that, for me now, whilst I would love to work with highly accomplished people, the focus is not WHO I am working with. I could be working with someone who is making a film for the first time. What I am passionate about is WHAT I am doing.

What’s your fitness regime?
I believe our bodies are designed to move. Whatever you are doing, you always have time to do some kind of movement. I walk for around 2 hours every day. Anything extra beyond that will be social sports activities or dancing. I believe dance is the best overall body workout for mental happiness and physical health. For me, going to the gym is just too boring. I could never do it.

Can you please peel off the secret to your beauty appeal?
I don’t really like using the word beautiful. I feel that as a society, we tend to categorise and compartmentalise what constitutes beauty. We, especially in the entertainment industry, are conditioned to believe that our colour is a measure of our worth and a marker for future success. I met a girl the other day when I was on Carter Road. I said, "What do you do?" She told me she was an actor. I said I was one, too. She replies by saying “I don’t look like an actor, but you do”. I thought, why would she say this? Anyone can be an actor. Why does fair skin align with an idea of how an actor has to look. Ultimately, I feel we have very deeply ingrained prejudices, and I make it a point to encourage women to love their body as it is.

How do you take / react to trolls on social media?
I am often told on social media that I have to lose weight as I am ‘too fat’ for Bollywood. I will not be changing my body to suit someone else’s agenda. I firmly believe we are all God’s creatures and are beautiful as we are. The focus should be on being healthy - not meeting a standard someone else has set for how one should look. What matters is not being ugly from the inside! Correct me if I am wrong!