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Exclusive! Raj Chakraborty on Babli: Wasn’t easy to shoot a love story in the Northeast during the unrest

Raj Chakraborty’s Babli features Subhashree Ganguly, Abir Chatterjee and Sauraseni Maitra

Exclusive! Raj Chakraborty on Babli: Wasn’t easy to shoot a love story in the Northeast during the unrest
An exclusive photograph of Abir Chatterjee and Subhashree Ganguly in Babli

Last Updated: 02.48 PM, Apr 13, 2024


Raj Chakraborty is all set to bring a pure love story with his upcoming film, Babli. OTTplay was the first to report on the development of the film that is based on Buddhadeb Guha’s novel. It features Subhashree Ganguly, Abir Chatterjee, and Sauraseni Maitra. Indraadip Dasgupta composed the music for the film. The teaser of the film will drop on Poila Boishakh. 

Raj Chakraborty on Babli

On April 13, Raj shared an exclusive photo from Babli with OTTplay before the teaser release. Talking about the film, he said, “We all grew up reading Buddhadeb Guha. Babli is one of my favourite novels. It is a love story. I am excited to see how viewers react to the teaser, which will be dropped tomorrow.” 

Buddhadeb Guha’s Babli delves into the lives of a forest officer, Abhi Chowdhury, who is posted in Manipur, and his boss’s relative Babli, aka Damayanti. They embark on a road trip and eventually connect with each other.

Raj Chakraborty talks about the shooting experience

Along with North Bengal, the film was shot in Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, and other Northeastern regions. The original novel begins in Imphal and elaborates on Northeastern forestland. “It wasn’t easy to shoot a love story in Northeast. First, there has been an unrest. Second, it was difficult to shoot the jeep movement in the forest. We started shooting there and then completed the shooting in Bengal.” 

Babli is Subhashree’s first film after their daughter Yaalini was born late last year. This film will be the first to see Subhashree and Abir as a pair. Sauraseni will play a key role in the film. Soon after Babli, Raj started his next film, Samparka, with Mithun Chakraborty and Ritwick Chakraborty in the lead. Samparka delves into a father-son relationship. The film is produced by SVF and Subhashree will also play a key character in the film. 

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