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Exclusive! Shweta Tripathi: I think of my work as a report card and I am really happy with it

Shweta has recently been seen is Disney+ Hotstar's Escype Live.

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 03.57 AM, May 30, 2022

Exclusive! Shweta Tripathi: I think of my work as a report card and I am really happy with it

Source: Instagram

Talking about the responses Escaype Live is getting after its release, Shweta mentioned that she is on the nine clouds. "My character owns a parlour named title. So now I'm feeling so many butterflies inside my stomach. I just wish that more people watch the show. Not because it's my show but because the message that we are sending through the series is very important for everyone to reach. I don't think till now we have such a relevant show in India."

Escaype Live is about people being influenced by social media. When asked if she also gets affected by the number of likes, shares and comments on her post, the actress revealed that she was definitely like that person before but now it doesn't affect her. "I always used to care that at what time should I post a picture, at what time it will get more and more traction but lately I've realized life is to live for and not just to spend. So whenever I want to share anything, I will. If people will shower their love in terms of share, likes and comments then it's very good but if not then also it's fine," she added.

Talking about what made her portray Sunaina in Escaype Live, Shweta, "So I always joke about this that in Sunaina's story no one was killing anyone. She was far away from all the negative fiasco. So that was really great for me as a character. And I'm always drawn toward drama. So the concept of Escaype's concept hooks me in. Because you're responsible for whatever you tell your audience. Because fans watch your work for 'you' too. So I would like my audience to witness something new, get informed, get attached and get entertained as well. And gladly Escaype Live covers everything. So as soon as I knew about the concept I was in. And I really wanted to portray so many characters- I wanted to do Darkie, Amcha and others as well. And there is so much to learn."

When asked if some of the characters in the show are inspired by real-life personalities, Shweta mentioned, "Definitely, when the audience will see Escaype Live, they will be able to connect with it. Because somewhere either we are those people or the people around us are like those characters. But slowly, people need to understand that validation or appreciation needs to come from within and we shouldn't be dependent on the outside validation."

Shweta Tripathi has spent almost 13 years in the industry, recalling her journey the diva said, "It's so beautiful and fulfilling. Obviously,

 I want to do much more but I think of my work as a report card, and I am really happy with it. I don't want to change a thing. I want to explore and grow more but I've learnt a lot from my characters and the shows and film I've done. I'm really happy to meet so many people on this journey. For me, the journey has been like that red balloon from Masaan that went on in the sky."

The Mirzapur actor further revealed that apart from acting she is all set to become a producer now as well. She mentioned that there is no planning to become a director right now, however, she unveiled that directing a music video of Cheetah (Indian rapper-singer, Shweta's husband) is on her bucking list."

When asked that in between movies and OTT shows, which content format does the actress prefer, she explained that more than a medium the story is important. "I think mainly depends on the story. You cannot showcase a 2-hour story in a web series and a six hour worth of story in a film, so it really depends on the plot. I think this comparison is taking place so much because OTT is fairly one."

"Meanwhile, it's a great time to be an artist, also to be an audience right now. Because OTT is serving a variety right now. We can watch anything and everything around the world. Cinema and OTT, both have their own perks. The experience to watch films on a giant screen while eating popcorn is something we enjoy with friends and family, however, on a digital screen you can experience it alone too."

Shweta also shared her experience of voicing for Barbara Gordon in the Batman: Ek Chakravyuh podcast. "I was very excited because for the first time I was doing something like this. Because when you shoot for a movie or show, you get to experience the whole filming process with different departments such as hair makeup, costume, entire camera team, directing and more. Although, when you are doing an audio series then you have a director, there is a mic and that is your world. And you have to believe in that world, because then only you'll be able to teleport yourself into that world and then only you can take your audience in that world."

"Here the entire team has done a fabulous job. I generally like to hear podcasts whenever I'm travelling," she added.

Speaking about her favourite character from the comics, she picked Barbara only. She further explained that she likes her so much because she has never played a character like her. "I've never played a character like her. She is a cop, she knows what she exactly wants. She is a human but she is also very good with technology be it hacking or anything. I also loved to play her because she is not desi, as all my characters are from the heartland of India, but Barbara is not and it's different for me."

Meanwhile, talking about why should people watch Escaype Live, Shweta mentioned, "If you are not watching Escaype Live then you're going to have a FOMO. My personal reason to watch is because of Siddharth. He acts so well, he is so charming and I'm a big fan. And also the music, because it's fantastic."