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Exclusive! Wamiqa Gabbi: The women in my life are amazing; they have colourful personalities

Ahead of Mother's Day 2023, the Jubilee actress reveals that she got her colourful personality from her mother and grandmother

Exclusive! Wamiqa Gabbi: The women in my life are amazing; they have colourful personalities
Wamiqa Gabbi

Last Updated: 08.42 PM, May 13, 2023


Wamiqa Gabbi, who is celebrating the success of her web series Jubilee, reveals that she is very close to her family. In a special conversation with OTTplay ahead of Mother's Day, the actress opened up about the close bond she shares with her mother, nani and dadi.

Excerpts from an exclusive candid conversation with her...

You are close with your mother and nani (maternal grandmother). What common traits do you share with them?

I think the one quality that my nani, mother, and I have in common is being really positive. I got it from my mother, and my mother got it from my nani, and I love it. In any situation, my mother will find something to laugh about, and she can laugh uncontrollably. Sometimes, this can backfire because I will start laughing at something that my mother says. The best part is that after a minute or two, my mother will start laughing. And this is something that can really irritate people.  

Living in Mumbai, you must miss home-cooked meals...

I have been living in Mumbai for nine years now. But when I was in Chandigarh with my family, I always used to ask my mother to make her ‘special rice’ whenever there was any leftover rice at home. She used to fry the rice with a lot of onions and some masala. That used to be my evening snack. It would taste so good that I would eat it every day.

Your family seems to have a huge influence on your life...

Yes, they have taught me to never have a dull conversation. All out conversations always end with laughter. I love that about my mother and my nani. Even my dadi is like that. The women in my life are just amazing; they have colourful personalities. They can laugh at anything, and that is one of the best qualities to have as a human being. The second quality is acceptance. The level of acceptance that my nani, mother, and dadi have is crazy. I learn so much from them.

Is there any project of yours that is their favourite?

They got emotional after watching Grahan. They loved my character; it made my dadi, nani and mother very emotional.

What is the best gift that you have given your mother?

My mother and nani are not fond of gifts. If I buy them anything, they ask, ‘Kyu paise kharch karna hai? Mat karo (Why do you need to spend money, don’t do it).’ All they want to do is spend time with me. So, they are the happiest when I surprise them with a trip to Chandigarh.

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