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Explained! James Cameron maps out the future of the Avatar universe beyond 2031, with plans for sequels 6 and 7

Avatar, which is James Cameron's legacy project, has been dominating the director's career for over a decade now.

Explained! James Cameron maps out the future of the Avatar universe beyond 2031, with plans for sequels 6 and 7
A still from Avatar

Last Updated: 11.12 AM, Feb 06, 2024


Well beyond the scheduled theatrical release of Avatar 5 in 2031, James Cameron has announced that he already has concepts locked in for Avatar 6 and Avatar 7. This would expand his record-breaking franchise. The Oscar winner has wrapped filming on Avatar 3 and has around half of Avatar 4 to film. The theatrical release schedule for Disney's upcoming Avatar films includes three instalments. Cameron is already planning Avatar 5 and the continuation of the franchise.

Expanding the franchise

Cameron revealed in his interview with People magazine that he has already written up to the fifth film and has plans for the sixth and seventh films. However, he plans to pass the torch at that point. The filmmaker stated that death takes its toll. What they are doing is fun, though, and they are really smitten when great people are part of their team.


Even without Cameron at the helm, the Avatar films will undoubtedly go on. Here is Cameron's response to those who are angry with how the Avatar franchise is currently dominating his career: They have the question, "So why did you just keep working on the same thing?" asked all the time, while also quizzing to what end George Lucas remained engaged in the same project. And for what reason did Gene Roddenberry persist in focusing on the same project? He questioned why he should fritter away the opportunity to interact with others. Cameron also asked that if something doesn't work, why start over with a different thing?

Zoe Saldaña's insights

In the upcoming three Avatar sequels, Zoe Saldaña will reprise her role as Neytiri via motion capture. When asked about them, all she can honestly say is that things are about to get wild. She was also asked about the franchise's potential future; the actor recently spoke with Collider.

Saldaña hinted that it would be absolutely wonderful. Avatar 3 is going to be incredible, and Avatar 4 and 5 are going to be absolutely insane. He agrees that it is true. James Cameron has absolutely floored them. He has left this endeavour as a legacy, and it turned out that his legacy is Avatar, even though they all believed it was Titanic. Being a part of something as innovative and pioneering as this seems like leaving a legacy in and of itself. For that reason, the actor can't wait to return. Next week, they resume their work, so she is really anticipating seeing everyone.

Filming details and time jump

During an interview with People magazine last year, Cameron accidentally revealed that Avatar 4 involves a significant leap in time for the characters. It was on purpose that he filmed Avatar 3 and portions of Avatar 4 alongside The Way of Water so that the characters' ages would be consistent. Regarding the time jump in Avatar 4, the filmmaker explained that they see them, and then they go away for six years, and they come back.

Disney pushed back the release of Avatar 3 from 2024 to December 19, 2025. December 21, 2029, is the scheduled premiere date for Avatar 4, with Avatar 5 set to follow on December 19, 2031. The third and final instalment of the "Avatar" film is scheduled to be released 22 years after the 2009 smash hit, according to this schedule.

Saldaña jokingly said on her Instagram following last year's announcement of the changed release dates that it was fantastic. She will be 53 years old when the final Avatar film is released. The initial Avatar filming took place when I was 27 years old.

Introduction of new characters

Avatar 3 will introduce the Ash People, a Na'vi race characterised as "an aggressive, volcanic race" led by Varang, played by Game of Thrones actor and Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter Oona Chaplin, according to an interview with franchise producer Jon Landau that took place last year in Empire magazine.

Landau stated back then that there are good humans and bad humans.  On the Na'vi side, it's the same. Most of the time, people don't think much of themselves. How did they turn into something we consider bad? What gives? Perhaps other variables are at play here that they are oblivious to.

Last year, Landau hinted to Gizmodo that Avatar 5 would be the first instalment in the franchise to take place on Earth. He said that they go to it to open people's eyes, to open Neytiri's eyes, to what exists on Earth.

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