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Falimy twitter review: Netizens hail Basil Joseph’s film; call it a ‘good laugh riot’

The Basil Joseph starrer road trip comedy drama film Falimy, directed by Nithish Sahadev, released today (November 17)

Falimy twitter review: Netizens hail Basil Joseph’s film; call it a ‘good laugh riot’
Falimy poster

Last Updated: 05.20 PM, Nov 17, 2023


Basil Joseph and Jagadish starrer family road trip drama Falimy has released in the theatres today (November 17). The film, helmed by debutant director Nithish Sahadev, follows the story of a dysfunctional family that goes on a road trip from Thiruvananthapuram to Varanasi. Jointly bankrolled by Cheers Entertainment and Sooper Dooper Films, the movie also stars Manju Pillai, Sandeep Pradeep and Meenaraj Palluruthy. The film has been receiving positive reviews from the audience. Twitter (now X) users have praised the performance of the lead characters, stating that Falimy is a complete family entertainer.

Falimy gets a thumbs up from Twitter users

Many viewers have found the Basil Joseph starrer to be packed with comedy and fun-filled moments. Users have commented that Basil and Jagadish, as the father-son duo, have taken centre stage in the movie. It’s also praised for its writing, and is being called ‘a feel good film’. Here are some reviews and reactions from X users about the film.

What is the story of Falimy all about?


The story begins with a disturbance during Basil’s engagement ceremony, as he impulsively resolves to fulfil his grandfather’s long-standing desire to visit Varanasi. Although his parents reluctantly agree to join him and his grandfather on the trip, his younger brother shows no hesitation. However, the journey from Thiruvananthapuram to Varanasi is destined to be anything but smooth, especially when all five family members have stubborn personalities of their own.

Basil Joseph’s role in Falimy was initially offered to Antony Varghese: Nithish Sahadev

Poster of Falimy and (R) Nithish Sahadev
Poster of Falimy and (R) Nithish Sahadev

When the movie was first announced in 2019, Antony Varghese was set to play the lead. However in the later stage, Antony was replaced by Basil, because of which director Nithish had to make changes to the lead character. 

Speaking more about the casting, the director told OTTplay in an interview earlier, “The character that I had initially written with Antony in mind was totally different from what Basil has played. Antony’s character was more frustrated; he had his own emotions and reasons for resentment. His job was also different from what Basil’s character has done now. It was an interesting character, nonetheless, as all of this was dealt with humour. After Basil came onboard, because the audience loved his kind of humour, I had to make a change in terms of how his character’s emotional journey is structured.”

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