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Fans disappointed at Tharun Sudhir’s ‘big’ #D56 title announcement update

The filmmaker confirmed that the title reveal would be on Challenging Star Darshan’s birthday on February 16, but that’s been public knowledge for a while

Fans disappointed at Tharun Sudhir’s ‘big’ #D56 title announcement update
Tharun Sudhir will reveal the title of the film on February 16

Last Updated: 06.15 PM, Feb 10, 2023


Earlier today, Kannada filmmaker Tharun Sudhir took to social media with a post teasing an announcement at 4.02 pm. Tharun is currently making Challenging Star Darshan’s next, tentatively dubbed #D56, so the assumption was that it would be something related to the film. Fans were hoping for a big reveal. The actual announcement was delayed by several minutes and when it finally came, it was just a confirmation of what fans knew all along. The announcement of what Darshan’s next film would be called will be on his birthday, February 16. This bit of information has been all over social media for several days, so fans were a tad disappointed that Tharun’s big announcement didn’t offer anything new.

#D56 is Tharun’s second full-fledged film with Darshan. They first collaborated on Chowkaa, though, in which the Challenging Star had a cameo. They then teamed up for Roberrt, which was a success. Tharun’s next with Darshan was supposed to be a historical bankrolled by Umapathy Srinivas, but then there was a falling out between the actor and the producer, following which #D56 was picked up by Rockline Venkatesh instead. It is not clear if Tharun has retained the same script or written something else altogether. He has only said that the story is based on real incidents.

In the past, Tharun has been quoted as saying that he is keen to revisit the subject of Roberrt and make a sequel. But he has been clear that #D56 is not that. He and Darshan will collaborate on another project after their current commitment. The Challenging Star is likely to work with the Yajamana-Kranti team yet again, followed by another movie with Tharun, or one with Om Prakash Rao. The veteran filmmaker had recently met Darshan and since then rumours have been doing the rounds, which neither party has chosen to confirm or deny.

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