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Fans not impressed by Michael Clarke’s clarification on the embarrassing Noosa altercation. Here’s Why

Michael Clarke opened up about the infamous Noosa brawl in a recent interview with A Current Affair, but fans still trolled the Australian cricket captain. Check their reactions here..

Fans not impressed by Michael Clarke’s clarification on the embarrassing Noosa altercation. Here’s Why
Former Australian Cricketer Michael Clarke/Instagram

Last Updated: 01.59 AM, Oct 26, 2023


Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke has finally unzipped his lips on the infamous public brawl in Noosa, Queensland that led to his downfall. In a recent interview with A Current Affair on Tuesday night, Michael Clarke spilled the beans about the incident and how it had an adverse effect on his little daughter. However, even his daughter’s sad incident couldn’t hold back fans from trolling the former captain. While many called him out for his reckless behavior, only a few came up for his support.

What is the Noosa Incident?

For the unversed, Michael Clarke was secretly recorded by a bystander in an ugly fight with his on-off girlfriend Jade Yarbrough. After the latest episode of Channel Nine’s A Current Affair aired the interview with Michael Clarke, fans are surprisingly angry over the clarification by Clarke. Some even started trolling him. Although Michael Clarke tried his best to rectify the disastrous public brawl. 

Speaking on the incident he said that it was like a lesson for him and he was hopeful not to repeat any such mistake in the future. “I call them lessons. I call so many things you know, you wish that … I think relationships are tough, a lot happens behind closed doors and a lot of things happen that we all deal with, I’ve dealt with a divorce, you know, man, I’ve been through and it’s so sad, so hard, Clarke tried to make amends with the clarification. 

In the video, a shirtless Clarke is seen in a violent fight with his ex-girlfriend after she allegedly accused him of cheating with his former girlfriend Pip Edwards. The fight turned uglier after Yarbrough slapped Clarke. The viral video didn’t feature just the fighting couple but also Jade Yarbrough’s sister Jasmine and her husband and TV personality Karl Stefanovic.

Fans dub Michael Clarke a “Red Flag”

The viral video not only shattered his reputation back then, losing most of the commentary gigs and events, but it still haunts the former star captain. In a social media post shared by the show on Instagram, followers took a dig at the interview and Michael Clarke. While some said, it was too painful to watch, others called Clarke by names, including ‘red flags,’ and ‘bogan.’ One netizen brutally trolled the episode and said, “Should have gone on the shopping channel, bad plug,” while another wrote, “Every red flag in existence on display there..”

Check out the comments here:

Sharing the adverse impact of the whole incident imprinted on his young daughter Kelsey Lee, who is just a 7-year-old child, Clarke said, “She’s getting photographed or hiding in the bushes and telling you and teachers that there’s a photographer. She is seven and she knows. ‘Daddy, there’s paparazzi.’ She is seven and she knows that."

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