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Ferrari X review- A ‘very good’ film that had the ingredients in it to be an amazing one

Michael Mann is here to show the horrifying yet mesmerizing tragedy of the Mille Miglia race in his Ferrari biopic, starring Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari. The film was released on Christmas this year.

Ferrari X review- A ‘very good’ film that had the ingredients in it to be an amazing one
Adam Driver in a still from Ferrari trailer

Last Updated: 04.53 AM, Dec 26, 2023


Car racing and luxury car lovers should rejoice, for Ferrari is here to make your Christmas merry this year. The Michael Mann-directed biopic is star-studded by the likes of Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, Patrick Dempsey, and Shailene Woodley. And if that’s not enough, the film will not be restricted to the personal and professional events in the life of Enzo Ferrari. Instead, it will be tracing the tragic ending to the Italian Mille Miglia race.

The plot of Ferrari follows the personal losses and triumphs in Enzo Ferrari’s life as the company he and his wife Laura built ten years ago is falling prey to bankruptcy. As for his marriage, nothing has been the same since their son Dino’s untimely demise. On the other hand, despite having a son, Piero, with his long-time mistress Lina, he is unsure if he wants to accept him.


A temporary one-way ticket out of this hell for the Ferrari founder is winning the famous, Italian open road endurance race, the Mille Miglia, which is a thousand miles long. But history is witness to the race’s demise, and it ends in nothing but tears and body parts.

The real incident, from which the film is inspired, occurred in 1957. Enzo’s driver for Ferrari, Alfonso de Portago was driving in the race when the car blew a tire and crashed into a nearby crowd, killing nine people, including poor Portago himself. If life was hell for Enzo Ferrari before, then what comes next will make the past seem like a walk in the park.

Ferrari hit the US theatres on December 25 this year and has already raked in $656,000. The movie has received a mostly positive review from the audience and critics. Though most people are raving about the films, especially about a particular, gasp-inducing ‘that scene.’

There are several who liked the performances of the actors or the racing spectacle, but not the plot of the film itself. Also, some viewers and critics felt that the film lost out on its merit by focusing too much on the Ferrari founder’s personal life than the professional events.

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