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Bolt to Marley & Me, five films to stream on OTT if you are a dog lover

There are films one watches for the sake of pleasure, then there are films one watches only to know if the four-legged barking angel in it survives. As a dog lover, the following films must be watched

Bolt to Marley & Me, five films to stream on OTT if you are a dog lover

Last Updated: 11.46 PM, Nov 29, 2023


Few people on earth dislike dogs, barring those terrified of man’s best friend or allergic to them. Those who adore dogs must love spending a good afternoon curled up in front of the TV with their sleeping fur baby in their lap. For such occasions, check out the following five films to laugh, weep, and joyously shout with your furry friend.

A Dog’s Purpose

A soul-stirring film that makes one question much more than the purpose of a dog’s life, it covers themes of heartbreak, sacrifice, loyalty, pure love, grief, dysfunctional family, and purpose of life, of course. Released in 2017, the film was based on W. Bruce Cameron’s titular novel. Both explore the purpose of life via a dog’s journey through various births, in a beautifully layered manner. It can be streamed on Sony Liv in India.

The Secret Life of Pets

This 2016 animated comedy film features the answer to the question every pet parent has in heart- what does the concerned pet do while their parent is away? A fresh, sweet take on the genre of pet films, the film traces the issues of pet-ling rivalry (traditionally takes place between pet siblings), desertion of pets by owners, inter-species friendship, as well as the sensitive issue of adoption of abused animals. It can be watched on Netflix in India.


Bolt was a 2008 animated film that explored a unique genre of adventure comedy in children’s films. Bolt was a dog who was misled to believe that he had superpowers in real life, and that all that happens on shooting is real. Unable to differentiate between reel and real incidents, the white Swiss Shepherd puppy ends up having the adventure of his life and actually becomes a hero, when he ends up saving his owner Penny, from a real-life threat, as an ordinary puppy. It can be viewed on Disney+hotstar in India

Marley and Me

This 2008 Christmas dramedy is a full-fledged family entertainer that focuses on the story of labrador-retriever puppy Marley, after he is adopted by a newlywed couple who are unsure if they are ready for a family. Marley ends up becoming a big, bumbling handful and what follows for the nearly-two-hour film is a delightful unfolding of the journey of Marley becoming an indispensable part of the Grogan family. It can be seen on Netflix in India.

Love and Monsters

This 2020 dystopian thriller is both hilarious and filled with excellent graphics. Starring Dylan O’Brien and Jessica Henwick, the film follows a dystopian earth where all cold-blooded animals and insects have mutated into giant monsters, killing off most humanity, after a giant asteroid’s destruction fallout caused the mutation. But the most important part of the film is the life-saving stray, Boy, who saves damsel-in-distress protagonist Joel numerous times till he learns to fight on his own. It can be streamed on Netflix in India.

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