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For actor Radhika Narayan, shooting in Mysuru for Shivaji Surathkal 2 meant that life has come a full circle

In an exclusive chat, Radhika shares the experience of shooting in her home city of Mysuru and the intriguing, psychological traits of Shivaji Surathkal 2.

For actor Radhika Narayan, shooting in Mysuru for Shivaji Surathkal 2 meant that life has come a full circle
  • Swaroop Kodur

Last Updated: 05.29 AM, Sep 20, 2022


Radhika Narayan is on cloud nine at the moment. Aside from the fact that she has had the opportunity to work with Shivaji Surathkal for the second straight time and also reprise her role of Janani in the upcoming part II, Radhika is extremely glad that she could shoot for the part in her home city of Myrusu. "It was surreal," she says about the experience, adding that shooting in the cultural city is always a special feeling.

"It's special because I grew up in Mysuru. Although we only shot there for 3 days, the fact that I could live my childhood dream of being an actor in the very city where it was all incepted is a great feeling, indeed," says the Chase actress.

And to express her gratitude for what the city has had to offer and the recent shooting experience, Radhika took to social media to share a few wonderful glimpses.

"Goodbyes are always hard. More so when you have so many wonderful memories attached to what you love doing the most! Here's the "Wrap Up" pic along with 7 other memories of the final leg of Shivaji Suratkal 2 shoot in Mysore.... The last 2 pics are dedicated to the wonderful memories of my growing up years in Mysore! ❤️" writes Radhika in her post. 

It is apparent that the Shivaji Surathkal franchise is quite special for Radhika Narayan who, despite how the story unfolded in the first instalment, is back to add more drama and layers to the narrative in Shivaji Surathkal 2: The Mysterious Case of Maayavi. Radhika's character Janani is the titular character's wife in the storyline and in the second instalment, she aids Shivaji in his pursuit to unravel the mystery, albeit in slightly different ways.

"Janani is Shivaji's subconscious mind, in essence, so this allows for more conflict and drama in the proceedings. It's an interesting play of emotions with my character because she adds a psychological layer and as the case gets more and more complex, Shivaji's emotions too get complicated. Since we pick up things almost right where we left in part 1, Shivaji is still dealing with personal loss and trauma so there's a lot at stake here," shares Radhika Narayan.

In a recent interview, writer-director Akash Srivatsa teased the possibility of lead actor Ramesh Aravind featuring in a dual role in the upcoming film. Although he did not divulge much, he did mention that the two roles or sides of Shivaji Surathkal are in contrast with one another but it isn't certain whether the second persona is real or a fragment of his own imagination. It would be interesting to see if Radhika's character Janani has a part to play in this psychological trickery.

Shivaji Surathkal 2 also stars Meghana Gaonkar, Nassar, child artiste Aaradhya, Rakesh Maiya, and Vinayak Joshi with Judah Sandhy handling music and Darshat Ambat for cinematography. The team has successfully wrapped up the shoot and is currently in the post-production phase with a January 2023 release in sight.