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For Regn trailer – It’s make or break for Pruthvi Ambaar and Milana Nagaraj in this love story

For Regn, directed by debutant Naveen Dwarakanath, will release in theatres on February. This is Pruthvi Ambaar and Milana Nagaraj’s first film together.

For Regn trailer – It’s make or break for Pruthvi Ambaar and Milana Nagaraj in this love story
Pruthvi Ambaar, MIlana Nagaraj and P Ravishankar in a still from the film

Last Updated: 09.11 AM, Feb 13, 2024


Pruthvi Ambaar is stuck in a dilemma. He’s got two films releasing on the same day and both teams remain unwilling to budge and avoid this clash. Even though the films, For Regn and Matsyagandha are in drastically different genres, the probability of audiences watching both on February 23 are slim, unless, of course, the first show report prompts people to head to theatres.

The trailer of For Regn, directed by Naveen Dwarakanath, is out and hints at the trials and tribulations in a young married couple’s life. Pruthvi is paired with Milana Nagaraj in the film, and they play Ashu and Anvi, who get married after a brief courtship, but then misunderstandings drive them apart. Will Ashu and Anvi find the easy way out and end their relationship or does love prevail is what the trailer hints the film is about. The trailer of For Regn was reminiscent of Milana’s earlier film Love Birds, in which she was paired with real-life husband Darling Krishna and was about a couple that’s driven apart and find their way back to each other eventually.


Also, on the cast of For Regn are Sudha Belawadi, P Ravi Shankar, Tabla Nani, Babu Hirannaiah, Ramesh Bhatt, Sihi Kahi Chandru, MS Umesh, among others. The film has music by RK Harish, with the first single, Kaddu Kaddu, b eing well received. Cinematography of the film has been handled by Abhilash Kalathi and Abhishek G Kasaragod.

For Regn is Milana’s first release since last year’s Kousalya Supraja Rama, which was yet again with Darling Krishna. Pruthvi, meanwhile, has been having a busy February. His film Juni, which came out on February 9, is currently struggling to remain in theatres, despite fairly positive word of mouth reports. The film by debutant director Vaibhav Mahadev is a love story revolving around a heroine with dissociative identity disorder.

After For Regn and Matsyagandha, Pruthvi is likely to have a few other releases also in the coming months. The actor’s Telugu film Dear Uma, it appears, is gearing up for release, with the teaser to be launched on February 14.

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