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From Andhadhun to Darlings - Check out these 5 Bollywood dark-comedies which have garnered critical acclaim

Bored of watching simple comedies? Need some spice in life? Here's a list of popular films, whose gripping plots, combined with amusing phrases will keep you hooked till the end

From Andhadhun to Darlings - Check out these 5 Bollywood dark-comedies which have garnered critical acclaim

Andhadhun, Darlings

Last Updated: 03.05 AM, Dec 03, 2023


Dark comedy is a genre that delves into the depths of human emotion, and has captivated audiences in recent years. Its allure lies in its ability to offer a cathartic release, allowing viewers to confront their own dark thoughts and anxieties in a safe and humorous space. Often characterised by intense plots and taboo subjects, dark comedies navigate the boundaries of acceptable humour, challenging viewers' perspectives and eliciting a unique blend of laughter and unease. This unconventional approach has resonated with audiences, making dark comedy a genre that continues to gain popularity.

If you love comedies that have double meanings, with pure evilness, we bet you can't stop binge-watching this list:


This film tells a story about a pianist named Akash, who has a secret charade of blindness, finds himself embroiled in a web of intrigue and danger when he stumbles upon the murder of a once-celebrated film star. His feigned blindness, initially a tool to enhance his musical artistry, becomes a double-edged sword as he navigates a perilous world of hidden motives and deadly secrets.

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Monica. O My Darling

Aspiring for a life beyond his means, a young man embarks on a perilous quest to achieve his ambitions. Alongside an unlikely band of companions, he devises a cunning scheme to eliminate an obstacle in his path to success. Their audacious plan, teetering on the brink of moral transgression, promises to either elevate him to the heights he desires or plunge him into the depths of despair.

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After their friend passes away, Khalujan and Babban, two individuals known for their unconventional ways, find themselves drawn to Krishna, the widow left behind. Both men were captivated by Krishna's enigmatic charm and resilience, and their admiration soon blossomed into something deeper.

However, Krishna's affections were not as genuine as they appeared. She recognized the sway she held over Khalujan and Babban, and she began to subtly exploit their devotion to her own advantage. With honeyed words and calculated gestures, she enticed them into carrying out her bidding, often for her own personal gain.

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Jolly LLB 2

Driven by a burning desire to establish his own law firm, a cunning lawyer exploits a woman's desperation, persuading her to invest in his venture. However, his conscience is pricked when he learns of her tragic suicide, a consequence of her failure to secure justice for her wronged husband. Consumed by guilt, he embarks on a relentless quest to rectify his past wrongs and bring those responsible to account.

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In a tragic twist of fate, Hamza and Badru's love marriage crumbles into a nightmare as Hamza succumbs to alcoholism and unleashes his fury on his unsuspecting wife. Driven by desperation, Badru embarks on a harrowing quest for vengeance, determined to reclaim her life from the clutches of her tormentor.

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