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From Dunki, Avatar: The Last Airbender to The Indrani Mukerjea Story Buried Truth - What's coming in the latter half of February 2024 on Netflix!

Netflix's second half of February 2024 brings a bounty of binge-worthy titles.

From Dunki, Avatar: The Last Airbender to The Indrani Mukerjea Story Buried Truth - What's coming in the latter half of February 2024 on Netflix!
Avatar: The Last Airbender; Dunki; The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth

Last Updated: 03.34 PM, Feb 18, 2024


We are already in the second half of February 2024, and with it comes an exciting slate of new titles on Netflix. This month offers a wide variety of films and series, from gripping dramas to hilarious comedies. Experience the thrill of government-sponsored dating contests, the anguish of dysfunctional ninja families as they face imminent danger, and the courage of ex-soldiers as they lead friends on dangerous missions. Until the middle of February 2024, Netflix will continue to provide you with riveting documentaries, alluring romantic thrillers, and bleak science fiction blockbusters.

Learn about the titles releasing in the second half of February 2024 in detail below:

Dunki - February 15

An ex-soldier takes a chance on a perilous voyage to help his Punjabi friends bypass the immigration system and visit the UK illegally.

House of Ninjas - February 15

A dysfunctional family is forced to return to covert missions years after they retired from their fearsome ninja lives in order to thwart a series of imminent dangers.

AlRawabi School for Girls: Season 2 - February 15

At the esteemed Al-Rawabi School for Girls, a fresh slate of students, faculty, and administration comes with the start of a new year.

Ready, Set, Love - February 15

An ordinary lady enters a government-sponsored dating contest in a future where men are becoming increasingly scarce.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile - February 15

After falling for Ted Bundy, single mother Liz continues to deny the facts regarding his crimes for a long time. An epic drama inspired by real events.

The Vince Staples Show - February 15

In his hometown of The Beach, rapper and actor Vince Staples—who is sort of famous and sort of wealthy—faces the obstacles and surprises of daily living.

Little Nicholas: Life of a Scoundrel - February 15

While still a teenager, Little Nicolás slipped past politicians, millionaires, and even members of the royal family. In this documentary series, he explains the scandal from his own perspective.

Comedy Chaos - February 16

A poor man finds himself torn between his fragile marriage and his floundering comedy club after being fired from his own firm.

The Abyss - February 16

Frigga, head security officer of the biggest underground mine in the world, is caught between her family and her career as the Swedish town of Kiruna collapses.

Rhythm + Flow Italy - February 19

Fabri Fibra, Geolier, and Rose Villain search the streets of Milan, Naples, and Rome for the next big thing in Italian rap in this music competition show.

Einstein and the Bomb - February 20

After escaping Nazi Germany, what became of Einstein? This documentary explores the psyche of a disturbed genius through archive film and his own words.

Mike Epps: Ready to Sell Out - February 20

In his most recent stand-up special, comedian Mike Epps does not hold back as he mocks infidelity, bad personal hygiene, and work husbands.

Can I Tell You A Secret? - February 21

Once a serial stalker gains access to three women's social media profiles, his life takes a dramatic turn—and that's just the beginning.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - February 22

Once upon a time, the four kingdoms of water, earth, fire, and air coexisted peacefully. However, times changed. Adaptation of the beloved cartoon series for the big screen.

Through My Window: Looking at You - February 23

Even when they're around other people, Raquel and Ares can't stop thinking about each other. In the last chapter of the trilogy, will they be able to reconcile in the face of familial pressure?

Mea Culpa - February 23

Taking on the case of a murder-accused artist forces a criminal defence attorney to make a difficult choice between her loved ones, her profession, and her own risky desires. With Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes as its leads, this alluring romantic thriller was written, filmed, and produced by Tyler Perry.

The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth - February 23

Discover the shocking aftermath of 25-year-old Sheena Bora's disappearance in this documentary series that delves into the case with new revelations and rare access.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 6 - February 23

On and off the track, Formula 1 drivers, management, and team owners have rapid lives throughout a single season of intense competition.

The 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - February 24

At the 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, the stage and red carpet are lit up by the most famous faces in cinema and television.

The Mire: Millennium - February 28

Nearing the turn of the millennium, authorities look into a grisly murder, a skeleton in Gronty Forest, and a series of horrific kidnappings.

Code 8 Part II - February 28

In an oppressive city where the powerful are both feared and controlled, a former criminal must team up with a drug lord he hates in order to save a young girl from an unscrupulous police officer. In this grimy science fiction picture helmed by Jeff Chan, Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell, who were previously in "Arrowverse," reunite.

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders - February 28

Journalist Danny Casolaro was being investigated for the political conspiracy of the century when he was discovered dead in the bathtub of a West Virginia hotel under suspicious circumstances. His loved ones were left to wrap up the investigation into what he dubbed the Octopus—a covert plot involving stolen government spy software, the rise of the digital surveillance state, uncontrolled weapon testing, a series of cold cases, and a small California tribe's historic victory in the Supreme Court that led to the creation of contemporary Native American casinos. The last thirty years of American history, according to Casolaro, may be rewritten by his story.

A Round of Applause - February 29

In this decades-long family drama, a man struggles with existential anxiety and yearns for his previous life as an orange while navigating his eccentric family.

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