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February 2024 Netflix lineup - From Bhakshak to Players; here's what's in store

Get ready to dive into February 2024's Netflix selection, where documentaries, dramas, and more await.

February 2024 Netflix lineup - From Bhakshak to Players; here's what's in store
Bhakshak; Players

Last Updated: 05.05 PM, Jan 31, 2024


Various fascinating stories await viewers in February 2024 on Netflix. This month's roster has something for every kind of viewer, including documentaries that make you think, dramas that make you feel, and comedies that will make you laugh till you cry.  Also, explore the lives of vloggers dealing with personal issues, daring explorers going on incredible adventures, and people dealing with the intricacies of relationships and love.

In February, Netflix will directly bring its newest offerings to entertain, move, and inspire.

Learn about the titles in detail below:

Let's Talk About CHU - February 2

Chu Ai, a part-time vlogger, discusses sexuality openly on her channel. However, when faced with the same topic in person, she finds it really challenging.

Orion and the Dark - February 2

Along with his newfound companion, a gigantic, grin-worthy beast called Dark, a fearless little lad overcomes his worries on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through the night.

Dee & Friends in Oz - February 5

Unless Dee and her pals can stop Miss Ruby, who is nasty and wants to keep the magic to herself, the Wonderful School of Oz will close.

Raël: The Alien Prophet - February 7

The documentary series follows the descent of a religion based on UFOs into a contentious cult through interviews with his adherents, detractors, and Raël himself.

Luz: The Light of the Heart - February 7

After a tragic event, a generous Kaingang family takes in Luz, and together with her firefly friend, she embarks on a mission to uncover her true family history.

One Day - February 8

Even though Emma and Dexter spent graduation night apart, they will always be connected in some manner. Adapted from the book by David Nicholls.

Falling for Figaro - February 8

A wealthy London fund manager uproots her life and moves to a small Scottish village to pursue her singing career under the tutelage of a cranky ex-opera singer.

Alpha Males: Season 2 - February 9

In a single day, nothing changes. In spite of their best efforts, the four friends can never seem to get sex, family, or work done properly.

A Killer Paradox - February 9

An ordinary college student gets himself into an endless pursuit with a cunning investigator as a series of unintentional killings escalates into a full-blown murder mystery.

Ashes - February 9

An unpublished work leads a wealthy married woman on a perilous journey that ends in irreparable destruction, beginning with an enthralling fantasy and culminating in a risky romance.

Bhakshak - February 9

A local journalist who is having trouble making ends meet starts an intense investigation into horrific cases of child abuse at a sanctuary for abused girls.

Lover, Stalker, Killer - February 9

This twisted documentary follows a mechanic as he meets a woman whose sexual infatuation reaches a lethal level in his first attempt at online dating.

Kill Me If You Dare - February 13

Despite their rocky marriage taking a turn for the worst, Piotr and Natalia resolve to remain together—but only until death separates them.

Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All - February 13

In her third comedy special for Netflix, Taylor Tomlinson addresses the age-old question, "Can you really have it all?" while discussing the pursuit of one's ideal career, romantic relationships, and mental health issues including anxiety and insomnia.

Sunderland 'Til I Die: Season 3 - February 13

Sunderland hires a new manager in the hopes of returning to the Championship after a tumultuous season in League One.

Good Morning, Verônica: Season 3 - February 14

In this thrilling last season, Verônica's search for justice comes to a close as she finds surprising allies and uncovers her own history.

Love Is Blind: Season 6 - February 14

For four weeks, singles in Charlotte change up their love hunt by entering the pods and going on an exciting adventure of romance and self-discovery.

A Soweto Love Story - February 14

A mother's desperate desire for her three unmarried sons to tie the knot sets off a mad dash to the altar when she offers her house to the first one to do so.

Players - February 14

A sports writer in New York City who is known for her leaks finds herself surprisingly smitten with a fling. Is she ready to take her game to the next level? This playful, action-packed romantic comedy features Gina Rodriguez, Damon Wayans Jr., and Tom Ellis. 

Bad Exorcist: Valentine's Day - February 14

While Boner gathers the nerve to ask out the girl he has a crush on at the convenience store, a teenager meets up with her online boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

The Heartbreak Agency - February 14

An article requires a dubious journalist to partake in heartbreak treatment, but in the process, he finds himself opening up to his lovely therapist.