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Orion and the Dark OTT release- Five reasons why this Dreamworks production cannot be missed

Orion and the Dark is an upcoming feature film that will be released on Tudum in February 2024. The film has the voices of Jacob Tremblay, Paul Walter Hausner, and Werner Herzog.

Orion and the Dark OTT release- Five reasons why this Dreamworks production cannot be missed
A still from the trailer of Orion and the Dark

Last Updated: 07.22 PM, Jan 20, 2024


Orion and the Dark is dropping on February 2, 2024. The film will be streaming on Netflix. Directed by Sean Charmatz, Orion and the Dark will mark the animator’s feature directorial debut. The film is centred around Orion and his childhood fears, especially the dark. But when Dark comes personified, with glowing baby blue eyes and a helpful demeanour, who can say no? Here are the five reasons why the Dreamworks-Netflix co-production cannot be missed.

Orion and the Dark is about nighttime fears

Orion and the Dark explores the rarely-touched topic of nightly fears. Everybody has been scared at night of something, be it ghosts, killer clowns or the dark. But few people take time to rationalise and explain them without being too casual or dismissive of them. Most people ask children to magically address their fears without resolving them. Orion and the Dark is here to set conversations flowing and discussions running to demystify night fears without being overbearing or unkind.


The film shows the stereotypical duality of light and dark

The film traces the traditional duality of darkness and light, leading to questions about established notions that light equals good and dark equals bad. However, in Orion and the Dark, Dark is tired of having kids badmouth him for no fault of his and decides to tackle his biggest'screamer', ‘Orion. His motive? To eradicate fear of him and other night fears in Orion’s heart in a calm and logical way.

Orion and the Dark shows that being scared is normal

After films like Inside Out and Turning Red, the fact that the matters and thoughts running through a child or adolescent’s mind mattered became a much more common notion. Orion and the Dark explores the notions of fears. Both the actual objects of fear as well as the experience of it. 

Orion is a scared boy who is afraid of nearly everything, from girls to bees to spiders to the dark. Though he is an exceptionally scared child, his fears make him human and normal. Every child and adult get scared once in a while, and it is perfectly fine.

The film highlights the issues of childhood anxiety

Anxiety in children is another newly-trending genre. Orion and the Dark, however, focuses on the adolescent anxiety that growing children have while they are of the precious age between teenage and childhood. Orion suffers a lot of anxiety but manages to remain nearly normal on the exterior. Inside, he is in an endless hellish loop of thought or fear that simply grows tighter with time if something or someone does not help loosen it soon.

Orion and the Dark is based on an exceptional children’s book of the same name

Orion and the Dark is based on a highly acclaimed 2014 children’s picture book of the same name. The original book was loved by children and adults alike for its stunning artwork and lush colour palette. Author Emma Yartlet is adored by fans for her simplistic portrayal of Orion and the Dark as a story that can be explored time and again by children and adults alike, with only one condition. When scared, logically face your fear and the fear is finished!

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