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Gaami - Here are 6 reasons why you should watch Vishwak Sen’s adventure thriller on the big screen

Gaami - Directed by Vidyadhar Kagita, Vishwak Sen-starrer is all set to hit the big screens on March 8

Gaami - Here are 6 reasons why you should watch Vishwak Sen’s adventure thriller on the big screen


Last Updated: 04.53 PM, Mar 06, 2024


Vishwak Sen’s upcoming adventure thriller Gaami is definitely one of the most eagerly awaited films by Telugu fans. The movie, which even received a shoutout from Pan-India star Prabhas, has piqued the interest of the audience with its mesmerising trailer and teaser, promising a visual treat at the big screens!  

Directed by Vidyadhar Kagita, the film stars Vishwak Sen in the lead role along with an ensemble star cast, including MG Abhinaya, Mohammad Samad, Dayanand Reddy, and Harika Pedada in key roles. The film is slated to be released on March 8.  


If you are still not convinced about the movie, we present you 6 reasons as to why you should grab yourself a packet of popcorn and watch this magnificent film at the cinemas near you! 

Intriguing concept

As seen from the trailer and teaser, the upcoming dark adventure thriller introduces Vishwak Sen’s character as a person who suffers from a rare disease that prevents him from experiencing human touch. Although several films surrounding rare diseases have been made before, what makes Gaami stand out is how the makers have made the concept more intriguing. The themes of self-discovery and identity despite adverse situations make this film a compelling watch.  

Gaami teaser
Gaami teaser

Compelling performances

The glimpses, released by makers, clearly indicate that the actors have given their hundred percent in essaying their unique characters. Few characters such as the Aghoris and Vishwak Sen take the audience through the world of Gaami, promising an enthralling cinematic experience,  

Four years in the making

Director Vidyadhar Kagita had revealed earlier that it took the team almost four years to make the project and for sure, their work speaks for itself! The mesmerising trailer and teaser have intrigued the audiences so much so that acclaimed director like SS Rajamouli expressed his delight over the film’s release. It has been also reported that around 60-70% of the shots from the film were taken from real locations! This makes it even more curious to witness what the makers have created for us to unravel.  


Finest cinematography  

As seen from the trailer, the movie is set to feature stunning visuals, including scenes of the Vishwak Sen trekking through snowy mountains in the Himalayas. The beautiful landscapes are sure to enhance the experience of watching the film in theatres. From the nuanced details of the different look of the characters to the background location, the camera team, headed by Vishwanath Reddy, Chelumalla and Rampy Nandigam, has done an excellent job in capturing the dark essence of the film.   

Director’s detailed input

Gaami marks the directorial debut of Vidyadhar Kagita and everyone is curious to know what the debutant has in-store for the Telugu audience. With the trailer already generating massive buzz, cinephiles are eager to watch the film in theatres to witness Kagitha's unique storytelling style. Despite being his debut feature film, the passionate director has excelled in gravitating the viewers interests towards the film through various aspects.   


Suspense and intrigue

The plot of the film revolves around an Aghora, played by Vishwak Sen, who suffers from a rare disease that prevents him from experiencing human touch. He is advised by an Aghora saint to visit the Himalayas to find a cure for his problem, but he faces several challenges and obstacles in his way. Who are these people stopping him from getting that cure? Who is he to them? Why does Vishwak Sen’s character suffer from this bizarre condition? These questions might haunt you if you had watched the trailer. However, the makers have very well concealed the best part of the film for the theatre experience, making the audience curious to know more. 

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