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Gaatchora actress Solanki Roy legally separated from her ex-husband: Reports

Gaatchora actress Solanki Roy legally separated from her ex-husband: Reports

Gaatchora actress Solanki Roy legally separated from her ex-husband: Reports
Solanki Roy

Last Updated: 10.23 PM, Feb 29, 2024


Gaatchora actress Solanki Roy is a star on Bengali television. She started her career with Icchenodi and was loved by the audience. Then she was seen in hit serials like Prathama Kadambini and Gnatchora. She worked on Bangla web series and films. She will soon be seen in a Hoichoi series, directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya. 

Solanki keeps her private life away from the public. She was married to her schoolmate Shakya Bose in 2018. Then she went to New Zealand with her husband. She came back after a year and the contact gradually waned. It was once heard that Solanki and Shakya were not together anymore. However, she remained silent regarding her divorce. 

Now, Solanki opened her mouth in an interview with Nibedita Online. She confirmed that she got divorced from Shakya in 2023. 

Solanki said, “Yes I am divorced. It is not a matter to discuss. I love keeping my affairs private. I never talked about my private life. But many speculations about my life are on the air. Hence I want to say clearly that I have been divorced from my ex-husband. This was an amicable separation. Another person's family is also involved here, hence I don't want to talk much about this. I can't put my profession's burden on them.” 

Was her career an obstacle to her marriage? Solanki said, “It is difficult to find a man like my ex-husband. He is an extraordinary person. I believe it from my heart.” She further stated, “When two people think of staying together, they want it to work out. It happens many times that two people, though they are good, do not choose the correct time for staying together. I think it happened to me. It is easy to not stay with a bad person. My life's demands were different at that time. I was younger, was in love, and I thought we could live together.”

Shakya and Solanki have been friends since school. They lost contact for some years and then met again through a common friend. Then they exchanged hearts and got married in February 2018. “I was young and hence decided on emotion. I could work in New Zealand. But my landscape changed totally. But it affected my mental health for being away from work for so long. I could not cope with it till now.” 

Shakya lives in New Zealand. They were legally separated in 2023. For the past few years, Solanki has been rumored to date actor Soham Majumdar. But they claim to be good friends with each other. 

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