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Ganesh: Baanadariyalli’s Sid is like me before he meets Leela and like Preetham Gubbi thereafter

Golden Star Ganesh plays an aspiring cricketer with a bit of a temper in the film that is releasing in theatres on September 28.

Ganesh: Baanadariyalli’s Sid is like me before he meets Leela and like Preetham Gubbi thereafter
Rukmini Vasanth and Ganesh's chemistry in the song is all the rage on social media

Last Updated: 05.22 PM, Sep 27, 2023


Kannada cinema’s Golden Star Ganesh gets his first release of the year this week, when Baanadariyalli, his third with director Preetham Gubbi hits theatres on September 28. The film, says the actor, is special to him, because while it plays heavily on his strengths – comedy and emotions – to a certain extent, it has also let him be himself on screen. In the film, Ganesh plays Sid (Siddhu), an aspiring cricketer, with a short fuse, who tends to do things as per his whims and fancies. This, explains the actor is, a lot like him in real life.


Ganesh is an avid cricketer and has been playing the game since his college days. In fact, a career in the game was a dream at one point. The other characteristics – of being short-tempered and doing things the way he likes – are also pretty much him. Preetham, who is a long-time pal of the actor and has written the screenplay of Baanadariyalli has used all that he knows about Ganesh to write Sid, reckons the Golden Star, adding that the Sid that audiences see before he meets Rukmini Vasanth’s character Leela is Ganesh, and what he transforms into thereafter is Preetham. In a recent interview during the promotions of the film, Ganesh said that once Sid meets Leela, he becomes a more soft and romantic person.

Baanadariyalli is KRG Studios’ 100th film distribution and opens with paid premieres in Bengaluru and Mysuru on September 27. The film is based on a story by cinematographer Preetha Jayaraman, and has Reeshma Nanaiah and Rangayana Raghu also on the cast. Much of the narrative takes place in Africa, which, according to Ganesh is the soul of the film. Described as not a love story, but a story about love, Baanadariyalli’s narrative focuses not only on lost love, but also on the loss of a loved one.

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