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Garadi, SLV, Aura, Juliet 2 and more - Kannada films on OTT in February week 1

6 Kannada movies will be available to stream as part of the Cinebazzar Carnival, making it a total of 7 original releases this week on OTT

Garadi, SLV, Aura, Juliet 2 and more - Kannada films on OTT in February week 1
7 Kannada films will be on OTT this week

Last Updated: 02.20 PM, Jan 31, 2024


Yogaraj Bhat’s Garadi is finally on OTT, and later this week, as many as 6 Kannada films from 2023 will be available on Cinebazzar as part of a film carnival.


Directed by Yogaraj Bhat, Garadi is a sports drama about wrestling, featuring Yashas Surya in the lead. The actor is paired with Sonal Monteiro in this underdog tale, which also has Challenging Star Darshan in a pivotal role.

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video from January 31



Ashwin Vijayamurthy presents a tale of a youngster from a conservative and devout family, restricted to a life of performing puja to the local deity, seeks to move out and lead a more normal life. Can he just leave his old life behind and start afresh after all? The film stars AR Rohit, Deepika Aradhya, among others.

Streaming on: Cinebazzar from February 2

Juliet 2

Kousalya Supraja Rama’s Brinda Acharya is the title character Juliet, a film about a young woman who returns to her ancestral home after the demise of her parents. When she then becomes the victim of targeted attacks to get rid of her for the money and property she stands to inherit, Juliet is forced to fight back.

Streaming on: Cinebazzar from February 2


Agasthya Balagere leads this film about a father-son relationship in a village that shuns city life. When the father then takes ill and has to be shifted to the city for treatment, the son trusts someone else with the responsibility of taking him to hospital. What happens when the father dies and a stranger’s body is returned to the family forms the crux of the tale

Streaming on: Cinebazzar from February 2

SLV – Siri Lambodhara Vivaha

When two wedding planners come together to conduct the wedding of the season between the children of two top politicos, all hell breaks loose. Can they get over their preferences and choices and find middle ground in making the event the talk of town? The film stars Disha Ramesh and Anjan in the lead.

Streaming on: Cinebazzar from February 2


Sreemukha plays Dude Damodara and follows his dream of finding instant fame on social media without having to break a sweat. When he moves from a sleepy town to a bustling city. Damodara is faced with a set of hurdles. Can he overcome them and find fame after all?

Streaming on: Cinebazzar from February 2


A tale of a single dad and his daughter and their inseparable bond, which is threatened when the mother, who’d left them earlier, returns in the hope of putting her family back together. The film by Somu Kengeri stars Gururaj Shetty, Bindu Raxidi and Supritha Raj.

Streaming on: Cinebazzar from February 2

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