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Girls5eva Netflix release date – Watch the comeback comedy show of the popular ‘00s girl band in their 40s on THIS day

Girls5eva is a hit Peacock series that is changing platforms after the second season despite having great reviews from critics. The third season will be dropping this Spring.

Girls5eva Netflix release date – Watch the comeback comedy show of the popular ‘00s girl band in their 40s on THIS day
A still of the four ladies of Girls5eva performing

Last Updated: 09.04 PM, Feb 25, 2024


Girls5eva is ready to hit us with the third season this Spring. Created by Meredith Scardino, the musical comedy features the comeback of a popular 2000s girl band in their 40s. The series was a Peacock original but was cancelled in 2022 by the platform after its second season, despite boasting of a 96% Rotten Tomatoes critics rating.

Release date and trailer of the three seasons of Girls5eva

But executive producer David Miner was unwilling to go down without a fight and landed Netflix as the show’s next home. Girls5eva will stream its first two seasons, as well as its upcoming third one, all at once on Netflix. The series will drop on the streaming giant on March 14, 2024. Girls5eva also dropped an official trailer on February 15, that was more of a recap of the previous seasons for their new home and its viewers.


Recap of Season 1 and 2 and what to expect in Season 3 of Girls5eva

The series follows the hilarious adventures of a group of four singers in their 40s, leading their respective ordinary lives. Wickie is the only one among the three who is moderately famous on social media, despite working at an airport. As for the rest, Dawn works at her brother’s Italian restaurant and has a son with her loving husband, Summer lives a neglected married life with her daughter, while Gloria is a dentist who is divorced from her ex-wife but still sleeps with her.

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Their boring lives are suddenly rejuvenated when rapper Lil Stinker samples their 20-year-old hit in his new song, and the group gets to sing backing vocals for the rapper on The Tonight Show. Bored with their lives and excited by the chance to do something fruitful with their musical careers, the four decide to regroup and start the band again. The fifth member of the group, Ashley died in 2004, and it is on the bench they dedicated to her that they reunite again.

And that is just the beginning. Soon the four ladies discover that it is easier said than done to restart a once-hit band, especially in their 40s. But they persevere in their efforts, juggling life, work, marriage, love, and children to give time to another equally important aspect of their lives. The series is wonderfully narrated with fun and heartwarming instances that make us remember the value of what we have in our lives without being preachy.

The third season will follow up on previous cliffhangers and might be the most personal one yet for the four musical ladies. With Dawn pregnant, and the band aspiring to go on their own tour, a humongous task after losing out on a shot at opening for Collab on tour. But good intentions, dedication, and talent can go a long way, especially if four women are intent on their goal.

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