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Grabbed by the Collar release date announced, watch threatening love triangle between Jang Seung Jo, Kim Ha Neul and Yeon Woo Jin

K-Drama fans rejoice! A new love triangle story, with dangerous events, is coming soon next month

Grabbed by the Collar release date announced, watch threatening love triangle between Jang Seung Jo, Kim Ha Neul and Yeon Woo Jin

Grabbed by the Collar

Last Updated: 09.29 PM, Feb 27, 2024


The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has made an exciting announcement about their ucoming show - Grabbed by the Collar. Set to captivate audiences, this new K-Drama is adapted from the widely acclaimed web novel Oanyu: Myeoksal Hanbeon Jabhibshida, penned by Nyureoki. Promising an intense narrative, the K-Drama delves into the intricate dynamics of a spine-tingling love triangle, featuring the stellar performances of Jang Seung Jo, Kim Ha Neul and Yeon Woo Jin. Viewers can anticipate a rollercoaster of emotions as they immerse themselves in the gripping twists and turns of this enthralling saga.

Grabbed by the Collar release date

After lots of speculations, today KBS finally announced that Grabbed by the Collar will be released on March 18, 2024 on the broadcasting channel. The teaser video unveils the outset of a gripping narrative centered around a murder investigation. Seo Jung Won, the assertive host of Grabbed by the Collar, engages in a tense exchange with National Assembly member Mo Myung-Taek (Yoon Je-Moon), setting the stage for intrigue. Yet, foreboding text flashes on screen, stating, “Reporter who grabs bad people by their collars becomes a murder suspect,” intensifying the suspense.

Overnight, Seo Jung-Won's seemingly stable life trembles, and he gets surrounded by a swarm of journalists. The teaser hints at the steely gaze of Jung-Won’s husband, Seol Woo-Jae, and reveals Jung-Won's hands stained with blood as she declares, "Someone manipulated the evidence to accuse me of the crime”.

What does the poster depict?

KBS also dropped a new poster of Grabbed by the Colalr that depicts Seo Jung-Won, Kim Tae-Heon and Seol Woo-Jae leaned together in a bed, each casting their gaze in divergent directions. KBS wrote, "The truth that is ignored will return no matter what” that lies a profound suggestion of the intense emotions and delicate interconnections that are binding the trio. It hints at a complex web of emotions and the dangerous nature of their relationships.

Grabbed by the Collar story

Grabbed by the Collar unfolds as a triangle romance thriller, chronicling the gripping exploits of Seo Jung-Won (Kim Ha-Neul), an intrepid investigative reporter, and Kim Tae-Heon (Yeon Woo-Jin), a brilliant ace detective. Despite being ex-lovers, fate reunites them as they join forces to unravel a string of perplexing murders. Adding layers of complexity to the narrative, Jang Seung-Jo assumes the role of Seo Jung-Won’s husband, Seol Woo-Jae, a descendant of wealth and influence, yet protecting his own secrets as a novelist. As the lines between love, duty and betrayal blur, viewers are poised for a thrilling ride through a maze of suspense, passion and intrigue.

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