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Gullak 4 trailer – From Aman’s ‘adulting’ to Santosh and Shanti’s quality time, moments that stayed back with us

Gullak 4's release date has also been unveiled now

Gullak 4 trailer – From Aman’s ‘adulting’ to Santosh and Shanti’s quality time, moments that stayed back with us
Gullak 4

Last Updated: 08.51 AM, May 20, 2024


Gullak season 4’s trailer is finally out and it has a lot to offer. Right from the youngest kid Aman (Harsh Mayar) ‘adulting’ to the cutest couple Santosh (Jameel Khan)-Shanti (Geetanjali Kulkarni) spending quality time, the trailer is wholesome. Here are some special moments from the upcoming show which stayed back with us…

Aman ‘adulting’

From Shanti complaining to Santosh that Aman ‘bathes for a longer period these days,’ to finally feeling the beard coming, Aman has finally grown up.

Mishra family’s ‘parenting’

The Mishra parents have to decide between letting go and controlling Aman’s behaviour. However, the fun does not stop as we see both Aman and Santosh-Shanti dance like free spirits in separate situations. This hints that the show will be something to look forward to.


Aman-Annu’s moment

The brothers have a friendly quarrel. Annu (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) understands that Aman is growing up and wants to control how his younger brother grows up. This obviously does not go well with Aman, who has three parents to deal with, and the one in the form of a brother is stricter than his own parents. The highlight is when Annu tells his father it isn’t the time to be cynical but animal instead.

Aman’s love life

Aman is in the first stage of love. He met Aditi and cannot forget about her. He met another woman, and has to figure how to save her number. While he chose Anand, his friend suggested water cooler. The woman, however, is okay with the name Anand.

How society influences the family

By calling it ‘kacchi umar,’ relatives and neighbours try to gaslight the family. Furthermore, when the kid tries to be friendly with others at the expense of the family (as is imbibed in the Indian culture), that is not taken lightly. This is what adulting in India truly looks like. It is full of hurdles and choices one makes.


The dark joke

The trailer ends on a dark joke. There’s half a rod that the family finds on the terrace. When they try to understand what could it be used for, Shanti says that Santosh will become a helicopter with half the rod. Jameel Khan’s expressions on hearing that are the best kind of end we could ask for.

Gullak season 4 will be out on June 7. It streams on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium.

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