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Gurudev Hoysala: No fast filling or sold out shows for Dhananjaya’s cop caper

Although advance bookings for the actor’s milestone 25thfilm opened on Sunday, bookings remain dull with just over a day remaining for its big screen reveal

Gurudev Hoysala: No fast filling or sold out shows for Dhananjaya’s cop caper
Dhananjaya as Gurudev Hoysala

Last Updated: 07.35 PM, Mar 28, 2023


On March 30, Daali Dhananjaya’s 25th film, Gurudev Hoysala, is set to release in theatres. The film, which is the actor’s second collaboration with KRG Studios, and has been directed by N Vijay (of Geetha fame), has an ensemble cast onboard, including Amrutha Iyengar, Naveen Shankar, Achyuth Kumar, Avinash BS, Anirudh Bhat, Mayuri Nataraj, Rajesh Nataraj, among others. Dhananjaya plays a police officer called Gurudev in the film, which is set in Belagavi.


Advance bookings for the film opened on Sunday (March 26), but with just over a day to go for the film’s big screen outing, the buzz surrounding it has not been great. As of 6.30 pm on March 28, ticketing aggregator BookMyShow does not have a single fast filling or sold out show for Dhananjaya’s film yet.

“Dull bookings for #GurudevHoysala - ZERO FF/SO. That's why understanding practicality is important. Where are those political paid fellows who wer shouting during #Headbush? Why they aren't supporting "badavara makkalu" now? Avaga avr avr bele beiskondru amele bitru. Harsh truth,” wrote a netizen.

Responding to this, another wrote, “Problem is Dhananjaya is coming up with way too many movies in short span of time. The more you get familiar and show up everytime, unfortunately the less is the value. I see He is there in most TV shows as well! The less we see, more build up.” To this, the former replied, “Too many movies I don't agree because Dhanush and Sivakarthikeyan in Tamil are doing the same. They are grossing 75-100 crs just like that. It's type of movies. He said it was necessary bcs he had financials issues now sorted. Let's see future....”

Joining the conversation, another netizen opined, “Nang ansidhu, recent agi Daali avru avg movies ne kotha bandidare so janrige astondh trust illa & ticket prices thumba ansthu Tier - 1 heroes range alli ide plexes alli anthu starting 240+ ee range allide intha medium budget films ge modle jana hogodh kammi.”

Yet another user said that while it was too early to determine advance bookings, the buzz surrounding the film is dull. “Too early for good bookings ...even otherwise there is no buzz for the movie...he can be a new super star if he stays out of subtle politics and works on good scripts,” he wrote.

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