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Gurudev Hoysala trailer launch: Kiccha Sudeep pulls Dhananjaya’s leg and how!

Earlier in the event, heroine Amrutha Iyengar had been effusive in her praise for her co-star, while he did not return the favour until Sudeep pointed it out in jest.

Gurudev Hoysala trailer launch: Kiccha Sudeep pulls Dhananjaya’s leg and how!
Kiccha Sudeep and Dhananjaya

Last Updated: 09.24 PM, Mar 20, 2023


On March 30, Daali Dhananjaya’s landmark 25thfilm, Gurudev Hoysala, will be in theatres. The film, which is Dhananjaya’s second collaboration with KRG Studios after Rathnan Prapancha, had its trailer launch today, with Kiccha Sudeep in attendance. The Kannada superstar was the last to speak at the event, taking the stage moments after Dhananjaya spoke about working on the film. Sudeep, who had been paying keen attention to what everyone said on stage, wasted no time to use the opportunity to ‘rag’ Dhananjaya.


Earlier in the event, when Amrutha Iyengar spoke about working with Dhananjaya for the third time, she was all praise for her co-star. When it was then his turn, he didn’t mention her even once, until Sudeep came on stage and pointed that out. Addressing Amrutha, Sudeep, who had a cheeky smile on his face, said, “Amrutha is looking very beautiful in the film. But then you (Amrutha) came on stage and spoke more about Dhananjaya than about the movie. I wasn’t sure if you were praising his character or him personally. But then he was very happy. I was disappointed that he didn’t even speak about you. So, we will give him an opportunity now to say how beautiful you are looking. You must have praised him at least four times; every sentence ended with something about Dhananjaya. It is only just that he returns the favour.”

Amrutha Iyengar and Dhananjaya
Amrutha Iyengar and Dhananjaya

While Dhananjaya didn’t exactly say what Sudeep was trying to force out of him, the actor said that she had done a fantastic job in her third film with him. Which got Sudeep to turn his attention to her once again, wondering why she was only acting with Dhananjaya. “Why are you only working with him? If you keep acting with him, how will other heroes ever get your dates? Despite doing all this, he isn’t even saying one word of praise. If you’d worked with me instead, I would have spoken about you for half-an-hour at least,” he joked and then addressed the question to Dhananjaya too, as to why he did three films with Amrutha.

Both Dhananjaya and Amrutha, of course, did not give Sudeep the answer he was hoping for. The onscreen pair have been speculated to be an offscreen pair also for a while, a rumour that gained traction during the Badava Rascal promotions, but neither of them has confirmed or denied the same yet.

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