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Habji Gabji: Subhashree Ganguly spearheads gaming disorder awareness campaign with WB Police

Raj Chakraborty’s new film delves into mobile addiction among children

  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 12.18 PM, May 30, 2022

Habji Gabji: Subhashree Ganguly spearheads gaming disorder awareness campaign with WB Police
Subhashree Ganguly in a still from the film

The West Bengal Police and the team of Habji Gabji have tied up in a unique promotional activity to create awareness against gaming disorder among the youngsters. In a video, Subhashree Ganguly, the lead actress in the film was seen talking about the problem. Directed by Raj Chakraborty, the film that also features Parambrata Chatterjee will release this Friday.

The video was posted on the West Bengal Police social media page on Sunday. The post read: “Gaming disorder is extremely prevalent among kids in today's world. Often, this leads them to inflict self-harm or pushes them into crimes. Before it gets too late, Beware!”

Subhashree Ganguly said, “These mobile games put a lot of pressure on the children’s mental health. We, the parents, are usually very busy in our daily life. That’s who, we are keeping them busy with mobile phones and teaching them games. That is how gaming disorder is being initiated.”

Talking about the solution, the actress suggested, “Come, let’s give a little more time to our children. Let’s spend some quality time with them. Let's also try and find substitutes for mobile phones so that our children are kept away from that. Gaming disorder is the subject of my new film. Let’s all watch the film together.”

Earlier, Raj said that he took real-life inspirations while making the film. “I have seen how people got busy with their mobile phones. I saw my own niece being engrossed with mobile phones. Not only our mental health but overusing mobile phones has a detrimental effect on our social etiquette as well. I like to make films that also convey some social message. This is one such film. I am very sure that people will love it,” the director said.  

Hijab Gabji was shot during the early months of 2020. “Soon after our shooting, the country went into a lockdown and we could not release the film. Now is a good time,” the director said.