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Hamare Baarah gets a clean chit from HC; court finds nothing objectionable in the content - Here's everything we know

Humare Baarah, which was set to release on June 14, was pushed ahead as per the court orders. 

Hamare Baarah gets a clean chit from HC; court finds nothing objectionable in the content - Here's everything we know

Hamare Baarah Gets A Clean Chit

Last Updated: 12.36 PM, Jun 19, 2024


The month of June has been an interesting one for Bollywood movies that were lined up for release. While most were well received, two films found themselves in legal trouble. Maharaj, starring Junaid Khan, and Hamare Baarah, starring Anu Kapoor, were pushed from their release dates due to legal proceedings. However, the Kapoor starrer may now breathe a sigh of relief as the High Court, following orders from the Supreme Court, has reviewed the matter and found nothing objectionable in the movie. The court has ordered the film to be allowed to be released but has also fined the makers. Read on to learn everything you should know about the same.

Hamare Baarah Gets A Clean Chit

For the uninitiated, the trailer for Hamare Baarah was released some time ago and was the talk of the town for various reasons. Soon there was an uproar against the concept of the movie, with accusations that it put a certain religion in a bad light. Multiple petitions were filed against the maker for allegedly demeaning the Muslim community and misrepresenting Quranic teachings. This led to a ban on the movie’s release, forcing the makers to push the release date. Now, it appears the makers have a clean chit.

Humare Baarah poster
Humare Baarah poster

According to Pinkvilla, the Bombay High Court on June 18, 2024, reviewed the petitions against Hamare Baarah and stated that it found no problems with the material. The court said it found no content that is "objectionable to the Quran, the Muslim community, women, or incitement of violence". However, the HC did confirm that the first trailer for the movie was indeed objectionable.

The HC gave the makers of Hamare Baarah a clean chit on these grounds but also imposed a penalty for releasing the movie trailer without verification from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The makers had removed all objectionable scenes and dialogues beforehand on court orders. The HC described the film as a thought-provoking piece rather than one that encourages viewers to switch their minds. The HC even went on to call the film a movie that is made for the upliftment of women.

The HC also mentioned that in Hamare Baarah, a Maulana misinterprets the Quran while a Muslim man objects to the portrayal, highlighting the importance of critical thinking over blind faith. This certainly brings relief to the movie that has been waiting for a release date for a long time.

About Hamare Baarah

Directed by Kamal Chandra, Hamare Baarah addresses population growth and its associated problems. The movie stars Anu Kapoor alongside an ensemble cast that includes Parth Samthaan, Paritosh Tiwari, Ashwini Kalsekar, Manoj Joshi, Rahul Bagga, and Aditi Bhatpahri. Originally set for a June 14 release, the film is now expected to hit the big screen on June 21. 

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