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HanuMan Twitter Review - Netizens call the Teja Sajja-Prasanth Varma starrer a visual feast

HanuMan is the first Sankranthi 2024 release. The film has started with a positive note and the social media is filled with great reviews for the superhero film. 

HanuMan Twitter Review - Netizens call the Teja Sajja-Prasanth Varma starrer a visual feast
Teja Sajja in HanuMan

Last Updated: 01.25 AM, Jan 12, 2024


HanuMan is one film that has been a topic of discussion ever since the makers announced that the superhero film will be released on January 12, 2024, alongside Mahesh Babu's Guntur Kaaram. Well, the film has been released today and the response has been unanimous.

The makers were confident from day one and spoke highly about the film. Well, HanuMan has surely lived up to all the expectations created as the response has been quite impressive.

Social media is filled with positive messages about the film and the major aspect that is being talked about is the VFX part. One of those who watched the film posted "Creating such visuals within a budget of Rs 20 crores is just great".

Yet another use posted "Pure direction brilliance that too with limited resources and the only resource he has is abundant talented actors". HanuMan had Teja Sajja as the main lead. Even his presence as the main lead in the film was being questioned but he has done a superb job in the film.

HanuMan has taken off to a great start in the Telugu states and the US. Prasanth Varma is the man behind this film and he should be lauded for making the first superhero film on such a great note on a small budget. The film will surely do well in the next few days as the Sankranthi holidays have begun in the Telugu states.

One of the trade experts says that HanuMan will make double the money on the budget spent. We need to see how the film fares as there are three biggies Guntur Kaaram, Saindhav, and Na Saami Ranga that will release during this Sankranthi 2024.

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