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Harry Potter – Gary Oldman aka Sirius Black says his work was mediocre, ‘If I had known…’

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter has been one of the most celebrated film series of all time, and Sirius Black takes the centre stage, masterfully portrayed by Oldman.

Harry Potter – Gary Oldman aka Sirius Black says his work was mediocre, ‘If I had known…’

Gary Oldman, Still from Harry Potter

Last Updated: 09.36 AM, Dec 29, 2023


Twelve years may have passed since Harry Potter's final adventure, but its spell on fans lingers. For millennials, it's more than a blockbuster franchise; it's a cherished piece of childhood. Back then, it wasn't just movies, it was an escape into a vibrant, fantasy world we could truly call home. And love? Well, that's earned them a special title – the one and only Potterheads.

However, recently in an exclusive podcast show, Happy Sad Confused, our beloved Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) shared some of his bittersweet memories from Harry Potter. He previously talked about his experience in Drew Barrymore’s show a month back, and once again he opened up.


Gary Oldman's Oscar wins

Although we still love his portrayal as Sirius Black, Oldman is giving some different vibe from his end. He shared on that podcast that he felt his work was mediocre. For the unversed, the 65-year-old actor has won Oscars twice for Darkest Hour (2018) and Mank (2020).

What did Gary Oldman say?

"I think my work is mediocre in it," said Oldman. "No, I do. Maybe if I had read the books like Alan, if I had gotten ahead of the curve, if I had known what's coming, I honestly think I would have played it differently.” Oldman also revealed that he often finds fault with his work, “I will tell you what it is. It's like anything, if I sat and watched myself in something and said, 'My god, I'm amazing’, that would be a very sad day, because you want to make the next thing better.”

It's interesting to learn that even some of the most successful actors can struggle with self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. This particular Harry Potter star's candidness could spark a conversation about the challenges faced by even the most seemingly confident individuals.

Michael Gambon aka Albus Dumbledore's death

While we knew the inevitable twilight would descend, the news of Michael Gambon's passing away this year still cast a long shadow. Though his journey has ended, his legacy as the unforgettable Albus Dumbledore, a beacon of hope and courage, continues to light the way for generations to come. In his absence, we find solace in the countless memories he gifted us, and the enduring power of his artistry in Harry Potter.

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