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Hazbin Hotel on OTT – When and where to watch this R-rated animated series about the beginning of hell

After garnering over 90 million views with its pilot episode on YouTube, the adult animated series will now officially release on OTT

Hazbin Hotel on OTT – When and where to watch this R-rated animated series about the beginning of hell

Still from Hazbin Hotel

Last Updated: 06.45 PM, Jan 17, 2024


Charlie, the daughter of Satan, wants to open a fancy rehab centre for naughty demons. She hopes to help them become nicer and maybe even earn their way into Heaven. It's a tough job, and that's what we will get to watch how Charlie is going to make it work in Hazbin Hotel.

When and where to watch the series

Are you tired of the same old angels in hell? Craving for a show that's as sinful as it is soulful? Then grab your popcorn and stick to your couch, because Hazbin Hotel is coming soon on Prime Video on January 19, 2024. This eight-episode raunchy series follows a rebellious princess who dares to dream of redemption for demons that are roaming around in hell. You will get to watch some dark humour, catchy dialogues, and characters you will love to hate or even root for.

Latest sneak-peek

Prime Video’s new sneak-peek from Hazbin Hotel shows us the beginnings of everything. We see how Adam and Lilith were made, and how Lucifer, the angel with big dreams, protected the demons even though he got in trouble. Then, Adam leaves Lilith, but Lucifer saves her and they fall madly in love. Lilith eats a special fruit, but it brings a curse, and that's how Hell came to be. So, it's basically a love story with a twist, and it shows how things got started.


About the pilot episode

Created by Vivienne Medrano, the pilot episode of Hazbin Hotel burst on to YouTube in 2019, leaving audiences desperately wanting for more. This is a R-rated musical comedy series, which is specially made for adult viewers. The episode garnered over 90 million views, with fans leaving their positive reviews in the comments.

The pilot episode showed when demons are ruining her kingdom, Princess Charlie dares to change it. Instead of endless pain and torture, she dreams to have a haven of improvement. She wants to make a hotel, where demons could be forgiven from their sins, and pass the heaven's gate from hell.

Hazbin Hotel star-cast

The stellar voice-cast of Hazbin Hotel is Erica Hanningsen as Charlie Morningstar, the hotel's optimistic owner. Stephanie Beatriz lends her voice to Vaggie, Charlie's sharp-tongued yet loyal best friend. The supporting cast in pivotal roles are Blake Roman as Angel Dust, Amir Talai as Husk, Alex Brightman as Vox, Keith David as Lucifer Magne, Kimiko Glenn as Niffty, Joel Perez as Alastor, Lilli Cooper as Mimzy, Mick Lauer as Valentino, and Don Darryl Rivera as Stolas.

For more details, you have to wait till January 19, and keep an eye on Amazon Prime Video.

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