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He Went That Way trailer- Jacob Elordi portrays a nihilistic teenage serial killer with remarkable ease

He Went That Way is a unique road trip crime thriller due to its fusion of the two genres into a harmonizing whole, filled with gritty, tense moments as well as solemn, almost-touching ones.

He Went That Way trailer- Jacob Elordi portrays a nihilistic teenage serial killer with remarkable ease
A still from the trailer of He Went That Way

Last Updated: 02.03 AM, Dec 16, 2023


Having debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, He Went That Way is making its way to a theatrical release in the US as well as a VOD one in January, next year. Directed by the renowned Australian filmmaker Jeff Darling, who died in March 22 and did not get a chance to see the final copy of the film, the film has been long anticipated by fans of the Euphoria star.

Starring Priscilla star Jacob Elordi and Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto, the film dropped its trailer on Thursday, December 14, 2023. The trailer offers a brief outline of the story’s plot as well as premise. Loosely based on Conrad Hillberry’s nonfiction book Luke Kramazov as well as real-life Kalamazoo-serial killer Larry Lee Ranes, the trailer opens on a teenage, nihilistic, sociopathic hitchhiker, Bobby, who kills those who generously offer him a ride.


However, the film is not about the men he killed, as he mentions to the police officers at the very beginning of the trailer. It is about the one he did not. Confessing to killing five men, the trailer then follows a story which makes one debate whether there actually is any shred of humanity left in a serial killer.

Also featuring impeccable performer Zachary Quinto, the film adds a spunky touch by centering the two men’s relationship on a thin tightrope, aka the American reality star Spanky the chimp. Other than a different insight into the shifting dynamics of predator and prey, and nemesis to friendship, the film also spins the ‘buddies on a road trip’ genre on its head.

Despite beating up Jim (Quinto) on the first night in order to scare him into silence, all of Bobby’s (Elordi) nihilistic beliefs and tough exterior cannot shut out the former’s ability to touch him unlike any other.

Drawing upon real-life serial killer Larry Lee Ranes’ morbid attraction to gas stations for picking his victims, which was based on his father’s infidelity and deserting the family, precise, proper Jim somehow manages to fill in that role without being fatherly, just instinctual. The bottom-line of the trailer discloses how a random touch of kindness and a strong presence of mind can help one survive a serial killer.

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