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Heartbroken Karan Kundrra shares cryptic post after his vintage car goes missing, here’s everything you need to know

Karan Kundrra had also shared a video informing people about his missing car

Heartbroken Karan Kundrra shares cryptic post after his vintage car goes missing, here’s everything you need to know
Karan Kundrra

Last Updated: 08.20 PM, Mar 07, 2024


Not a day since purchasing his vintage car that Karan Kundrra now finds his latest collection missing from his garage. The car, Karan believes, was securely parked outside his Mumbai home but it went missing. Although there is a possibility that the car is stolen but Karan chooses to believe that it is missing and that someone is playing a prank on him. During his interview with Times Now, Karan expressed irritation after the incident. He has not pressed the panic button yet and is in hopes that his car will be returned. After his Instagram story, Karan has now shared a cryptic post which hints he is either testing the person who he believes has the car as a prank or that the TV actor has given up hopes and is okay whether the car returns or not.

The cryptic post

A few hours back, Karan shared a tweet which hints that he might not be willing to go miles to find his car (which he actually cannot since there is no particular tracking system in the vintage model). His tweet read, “Jiski Kismat mein joh likha hota hai.. ussey wahi milta hai..” This is probably him hinting that he is hoping to get the car back but is okay even if it doesn’t turn out that way.

Karan’s Instagram story

Right after the car went missing, Karan shared an Instagram story. It happened earlier in the day. Karan posted a selfie video in which he said that his friend Parvez informed him of the missing car. “Jisne bhi mazak kiya hai na, it’s not funny,” Karan started saying in the video. He asks if a friend has the car, to return it because it is his latest collection, even if it is a vintage car. The actor warns it is not the time to prank him because he didn’t even have an experience of driving the car as much as he expected to. The actor then explained that there is no security, tracking system or cameras in the car. “Where’s my car? Please yaar, don’t do this,” he requested the person who has his car.

About Karan’s vintage car

Karan had purchased Hindustan Motors Contessa in the blue shade. The car’s model has been discontinued in the Indian market and thus, Karan probably bought it from a car collector in Munnar, Kerala. The vintage car has 88 bhp power, 135 nm torque and boasts of 1.8 litre engine. When it was on sale, the same sold for under Rs. 5 lakhs. The price that Karan paid for the antique is still unknown but he would have most definitely shelled out more than Rs. 5 lakhs for the model.

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