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Here's how you can stream Vikram's blockbuster Anniyan for free

Tamil star Vikram's blockbuster Anniyan is now free for all to stream at home.

Here's how you can stream Vikram's blockbuster Anniyan for free

Vikram and Sadha in Anniyan 

Last Updated: 05.40 PM, Apr 17, 2024


On the occasion of Tamil star Vikram's 57th birthday, SunNXT has made his blockbuster movie Anniyan available for free streaming for everyone. Anyone, including non-subscribers, can watch the movie on the streaming platform and OTTplay Premium from April 19 to April 21.

Anniyan is a pivotal film in Vikram's career. Initially released in cinemas in 2005, it played an instrumental role in solidifying Vikram's stardom in the Tamil film industry.

The success of the film also expanded Vikram's fan base across the southern states.

Anniyan, which translates to 'a stranger' in Tamil, was written and directed by Shankar. Consistent with Shankar's reputation, the film was mounted on a grand scale and pushed the boundaries of larger-scale storytelling in Tamil cinema.

The Plot of Anniyan

Anniyan narrates the story of a law-abiding citizen named Ramanujam Iyengar, portrayed by Vikram. Ramanujam firmly believes that rules are not meant to be broken but to be followed with great respect. He is convinced that lives can be saved if everyone adheres to the rules. His unwavering dedication to rules appears strange and peculiar to those around him, hence the moniker Anniyan.


Thanks to his adherence to rules and regulations, Ramanujam constantly finds himself at odds with society. Nevertheless, he refuses to give up. However, things take a turn when a vigilante wreaks havoc in Chennai city, administering gruesome punishments to those who break the rules. From using leeches to extract blood to deep frying in boiling oil, the vigilante draws inspiration from Indian mythology to punish his victims, instilling fear in the public and compelling them to comply with the rules. But, who is this vigilante and where did he come from?

Vikram delivered a career-defining performance in Anniyan, showcasing a wide range as an actor. The film also features outstanding performances from Sadha, Vivek, and Prakash Raj.

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