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Highlights of Thalapathy Vijay's speech at Leo success meet: From referring to himself as heir to Rajinikanth's legacy to political entry

Here are the highlights from Thalapathy Vijay's speech which will help you to engage in discussions about the Leo success meet. 

Highlights of Thalapathy Vijay's speech at Leo success meet: From referring to himself as heir to Rajinikanth's legacy to political entry
Thalapathy Vijay's Leo success meet speech makes reference to Rajinikanth.

Last Updated: 02.30 PM, Nov 02, 2023


As expected Thalapathy Vijay sent his fans into a frenzy with an eventful speech at the Leo success meet held on Wednesday in Chennai. At a packed Nehru stadium, Vijay addressed a slew of hotly debated topics, including his growing popularity in Tamil cinema, which many deem as a challenge to the box office supremacy of Superstar Rajinikanth. He also dropped a few hints about his impending plunge into active politics.

If you are eager to watch the full speech of Thalapathy Vijay, you will need a wait a little longer. The event was closed to visual media with its satellite rights secured by the Sun Network. It's unlikely that Sun TV will broadcast the event anytime soon. Speculations suggest that it might be reserved for a special programming segment during the upcoming Diwali celebrations.

So here we have listed key highlights from Vijay's speech which will help you to engage in discussions about the Leo success meet.

Only one Superstar

Who will inherit the title of Superstar in Tamil cinema? This is one of the long-debated questions in the film industry. And Vijay finally answered it, effectively saying, no one can take the place of anyone.

"There is only one Puratchi Kalaignar and Captain (Vijayakanth), only one Ulaganayagan (Kamal Haasan), only one Superstar (Rajinikanth), and in the same way, there is only one Thala (Ajith Kumar). You know what's the meaning of Thalapathy, right? He's the one who follows the command of kings. As for me, you, the people, are the kings and I am one step below you. I will remain that way. Your command and I will do," Vijay said.

Vijay calls himself an ambitious kid

It won't be wrong to say that Vijay positioned himself as the heir apparent to the cinematic legacy of the Superstar. Without taking names, he metaphorically described himself as an ambitious kid dreaming of filling the enormous shoes of his father, without explicitly mentioning Rajinikanth.

In a household, a young child might be seen wearing his father's shirt and attempting to sit in his father's chair. Of course, the shirt and the chair will be far too large for him, and he may not even consider whether he is deserving of the chair. Yet, it remains his father's shirt. He dreams about becoming like his father. Is there anything wrong with aspiring for greatness, my friend?" Vijay asked.

When is Vijay's political entry?

After delivering a rousing speech, Vijay took a few questions from the show's anchors. He was asked to share his thoughts on the year 2026. And Vijay quipped, 2026 is the year that comes after 2025." When the anchor persisted in getting a serious response from Vijay, he said, "2026 is the year of the football World Cup. You check, bro." The anchor was not convinced and he was not letting it go. "If you want a more serious answer, cup mukkiyam bigilu," Vijay said with his fans erupting in joy.

For the uninitiated, Tamil Nadu assembly elections are set to take place in 2026. And Vijay is expected to float his own political party before that and contest the elections. The dialogue, cup mukkiyam bigilu (cup is important, Bigil) is borrowed from his previous blockbuster movie Bigil.

Vijay is grateful for his fans

Vijay made an emotional statement while expressing his gratitude to his fans, who have stood by him through thick and thin. "I was under the wrong impression till now. I was thinking that I am keeping you all in my heart. But, no. I am residing in all your hearts. Even if you take my skin and make it your footwear that won't be enough to justify unconditional love for me," he said.

Vijay asks fans to dream big

Vijay also recounted a 'kutty' story, a fable. He told the tale of two persons who went hunting in the forest. While one used his bow and arrow to strike a rabbit, the other targeted an elephant with his spree. The former managed to succeed in hunting the rabbit and he returned to the village with his victory. The latter failed to hit the target and returned defeated. And who is the greatest between the two? The one who succeeded or the one who failed. Vijay said the one who aimed at the elephant because he had a bigger and higher target than the other one. This story seems like an extrapolation of one of Valluvar's couplets. He also quoted Bharathiyar and Abdul Kalam, saying, "Small aim is a crime."

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