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House of Ninjas trailer – A family drama combining grief, love and ninjutsu

House of Ninja is Netflix’s upcoming mega Japanese venture that is going to revolutionize the ninja scene on the Tudum platform. The series dropped its trailer a few hours ago. 

House of Ninjas trailer – A family drama combining grief, love and ninjutsu
The poster of House of Ninjas

Last Updated: 01.24 PM, Feb 02, 2024


House of Ninja is the ultimate solution for all those kids who grew up watching Ninja Hatori on Nickelodeon every evening and still yearn for that thrill without the childish aspect of it. Since their establishment in Japan in 2015, Netflix has been slowly but steadily building its base, while Amazon Prime cruises ahead, in terms of content.

Trailer of House of Ninjas

But now, Netflix is ready to take Japanophiles and ninjutsu lovers on a ride like never before . Since their successful stint with The Brother’s Sun, Tudum has decided that the time is ripe for the long-announced House of Ninjas. The trailer, dropped hours ago, promises a show that will follow a Ninja clan’s return to action and swords, in order to save Japan from a new crisis and a ruthless villain.


The trailer follows the disturbed and alienated lives led by Tawara family, the last ninja family that had left their ninja existence after a mission went wrong and tragedy struck the family. But, when all of Japan is shaken by sudden calamities and planned deaths, the shadowy ninjas must return to save the nation.

The trailer also shows how the Tawara family is scattered and living ordinary lives, desperately trying to be “normal”, as constantly asserted throughout the trailer. But which normal family can throw cutlery into the cupboard without a backward glance or know appropriate kyushu or pressure points as and when required to cause injury, paralysis, or death.

Release date and cast of House of Ninjas

The Tawara family comprises Kento Kaku as Haru, the second son, while Kengo Kora essays the role of his elder brother Gaku, and Aju Makita portrays Nagi, the other older sibling. Father Soichi and mother Yoko are played by actors Yosuke Eguchi and Tae Kimura respectively, while Nobuko Miyamoto is the mysterious yet powerful grandmother Taki.

Dropping on February 15, 2024, House of Ninjas promises to be a power packed combination of drama, grief, hope, connection, and of course, ninjutsu, suave kills, and thrilling action sequences. Directed by Dave Boyle, the series will be right in time to kickstart Valentines Week with some spice, thrill, and action.

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