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House of the Dragon Season 2: Daemon secures Harrenhal, Aegon declares war in Episode 3

House of the Dragon Season 2, Episode 3 trailer highlights Daemon's quest and Aegon's rage, emphasising dragons and betrayal.

House of the Dragon Season 2: Daemon secures Harrenhal, Aegon declares war in Episode 3
House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 3

Last Updated: 05.40 PM, Jun 29, 2024


The third episode of the second season of The House of the Dragon gives a sneak peek at what's to come in the Dance of the Dragons. The much-anticipated prequel series to Game of Thrones finally returned on June 17 with a new season premiere, adapting the notorious Blood and Cheese plot in which, in retaliation for Luke's death, Daemon orders the murder of Jaehaerys, a son of Aegon and Helaena, who is six years old. Rhaenyra is opposed to Daemon's activities since they could cause a decline in support for her cause, and Aegon's anger and declaration of war are understandable reactions.

Trailer for The House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 3

Now, following the airing of the second episode of the season, Max has published a trailer for the third episode of House of the Dragon, season 2. The clip keeps hinting at the impending conflict as Daemon goes to Harrenhal by himself to take the castle for the Blacks. Aegon, on the other hand, has issued a call to arms for his army to go to war, and dragons have officially joined the fray.


The second episode of House of the Dragon's second season focuses on the events immediately following Blood and Cheese. It begins with Jaehaerys's funeral procession through King's Landing, during which the Greens openly accuse Rhaenyra of killing the six-year-old, even though Blood later reveals that Daemon was the real killer. Aegon hangs every royal ratcatcher from the city walls after Blood confesses that the second assassin is a ratcatcher. Ser Criston Cole succeeds Aegon as Hand of the King after Otto reprimands his grandson Aegon for his impulsive behaviour.

Cristin Cole's plot

Aegon was earlier impressed by Criston's unexpectedly astute plot to have Ser Arryk kill Rhaenyra in Dragonstone while impersonating his twin brother, Ser Erryk. Arryk reaches Rhaenyra's chamber, but he unexpectedly bursts in to save her. Immediately after killing Arryk in a brotherly conflict, Erryk collapses on his sword inconsolably, unable to stand the thought of killing his twin brother. The episode 3 trailer and the Cargyll twins' duel show that the Black and Green sides both lose, and that no side comes out on top. 

The teaser for the third episode shows the Cargyll twins' shared funeral.

Daemon's mission and battle preparations

The third episode teaser depicts Daemon striking out on his own to capture Harrenhal, a key bastion in the impending conflict because of its closeness to King's Landing. Cole acknowledges this and persuades Aegon to send an army into battle. On the other hand, Rhaenyra has a 6-4 dragon advantage, according to one council member. Nevertheless, Rhaenyra continues to urge moderation, stating that "if dragons begin fighting dragons, we invite our own destruction." Hear Rhaenys phrase it like this: "It'll be savage beyond all compare." Regardless, the two sides are getting closer and closer to a full-scale battle.

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