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Hulk returning to MCU? Tracing the recent chaos, the buzz around Hulk solo film, and what’s taking so long – Everything we know

Hulk was last seen in the show She- Hulk: Attorney At Law and has been missing from the MCU ever since. 

Hulk returning to MCU? Tracing the recent chaos, the buzz around Hulk solo film, and what’s taking so long – Everything we know
Hulk returning to MCU?

Last Updated: 10.31 PM, Feb 14, 2024


The Marvel campus is the busiest right now as the studio moves forward not only with a platter full of movies and shows but also with the responsibility to give the audience content that impresses them and re-establishes their trust in them after what has felt like a dry spell with multiple unimpressive movies in the latest phases. However, there are many characters the studio had promised a lot for but hasn’t delivered yet. Our Bruce Banner aka Hulk is one such Avenger who has been waiting for his turn for a long while now. He is one of the OGs who has the most mystery attached to him because even though he is alive in the present universe, he is still missing from the screen.

Mark Ruffalo Said:

Most recently, audience members and fans of Hulk were left excited when Mark Ruffalo made some groundbreaking claims. The world has not been the same ever since. The actor has been in the rumors for his future with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which makes him a hot topic of discussion. Most recently, when he made his way to SBIFF 2024 and decided to give fans a massive surprise, he revealed that he will be seen in Captain America: Brave New World as Bruce Banner. This left everyone excited.

For the uninitiated, Captain America: Brave New World is Captain America 4, which is one of the most anticipated movies with Anthony Mackie in the center as the new Cap. This will be the first time Sam Wilson will be seen as Steve Roger’s (Chris Evans) predecessor. The movie, which has been in production for a long time, was rumored to have the Hulk too. There were also reports that Harrison Ford has been cast as Red Hulk. Nothing was yet confirmed. But now, as Mark Ruffalo said that he is in the movie, fans were left excited. But wait, there is a twist.

The Twist In The Tale:

The excitement of the Hulk fans was very short-lived because right when Mark Ruffalo confirmed that he is a part of Captain America: Brave New World, some source at Variety chose to refute the claims of the actor himself. The reports instantly said that the actor has misspoken at the SDIFF 2024 and that he is not a part of Captain America 4. The rumors that were refuting Mark’s statement broke the excitement, and now everyone is confused about this weird turn of events.

This could very much be a damage control by the studio’s side considering that everything about Hulk’s participation in the MCU moving forward has been kept under wraps nearly and very tightly. This means the studio doesn’t want to reveal anything about his role in Captain America: Brave New World so soon. Because a man of Mark Ruffalo’s experience will not raise a false alarm on such an important topic from his career. And add to it, he is known for giving out some very spicy details about his movies.


But What Happened To Solo Hulk?

Well, we have been promised a Solo Hulk movie for a very long time. Not just that, rumors of a World War Hulk movie have been on the rise lately in the mainstream. But Mark Ruffalo, while he gave happy news, also made his fans sad by shooting down the possibility of a solo Hulk movie. At the same event, he said that he doesn’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but he has been told that it is definitely not going to happen. However, he also added that he is not allowed to talk about it. In this case, if the actor was aware of what he is allowed to talk about and what he isn’t, the possibility of him randomly talking about Captain America: Brave New World is very rare. 

However, it is high time that the studio brings some focus on this character that deserves it. Even a special about where Hulk has been all this while will make sense at this point. A movie can take more time, and that is understandable.

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