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I composed, wrote and performed Enjoy Enjaami: Arivu responds to the controversy over his exclusion from promotions

Enjoy Enjaami has clocked in 429 million views on YouTube and is still counting.

I composed, wrote and performed Enjoy Enjaami: Arivu responds to the controversy over his exclusion from promotions

Last Updated: 04.55 PM, Aug 01, 2022


Enjoy Enjaami, a song by rapper-lyricist Arivu and singer Dhee that was released last year and became a hit with music fans. The song was regarded as a powerful voice speaking for the oppressed community. However, it drew even more attention after Rolling Stone India featured singer Dhee alongside rapper Shan Vincent de Paul for Enjoy Enjaami and Neeye Oli, respectively, in August 2021. Arivu was in both songs but was not included on the magazine cover. The story only had one quote from him. The music label Maajaa, Dhee, and Rolling Stone received backlash for sidelining Arivu's contribution. Several people, including Pa Ranjith, criticised the magazine for excluding Arivu and appropriating his art. When this issue first came up, Arivu, who played an integral role in Enjoy Enjaami, had not commented on it.


But the rapper took to social media to clarify that it was he, who wrote, composed and performed the song. Singers Dhee and Kidakuzhi Mariyammal performed the song at the 44th Chess Olympiad, and Santosh Narayanan was credited with composing the music. The fact that Arivu was not credited or even mentioned during the event disappointed many social media users.

Arivu wrote in a long Instagram post that it took him over six months to compose, write and perform the song. According to him, he did not receive any kind of external support, contrary to claims by Santosh Narayanan and Maajja that Dhee and Arivu contributed equally to the project. Arivu wrote that the song speaks of his background and heritage, and while the production of the song was a team effort, this does not allow the label or other collaborators to obscure the struggles of his ancestors that he addresses in the piece.

An old photo that has Arivu, Dhanush and Dhee/Twitter
An old photo that has Arivu, Dhanush and Dhee/Twitter

“No doubt it (the song) calls everyone together. But it doesn’t mean that’s not the history of Valliammal or the landless Tea plantation slave ancestors of mine. Every song of mine will be having the scar mark of this generational oppression. Like this just one... There are 10000 songs in this land. The songs that carry the breath of ancestors, their pain, their life, love, their resistance and all about their existence. It’s all speaking to you in beautiful songs. Because we are a generation of blood and sweat turned into melodies of liberating arts. We carry the legacy through songs,” Arivu wrote in his Instagram post on Monday.

Further, he added, "Anyone can snatch away your treasure when you’re asleep. Never when you are awake. Jai Bhim. The truth will always win in the end!"

Santhosh Narayanan produced Enjoy Enjaami under AR Rahman's Maajja label, which was formed to promote independent musicians.

In an interview with a news portal, Arivu said, "Usually, all of my songs are political, and I receive a lot of criticism, but this song has earned universal acceptance. I am overjoyed with the song's widespread popularity. My ultimate goal is to bring people together and combat inequality!"

Arivu was an engineering student who completed his MBA before becoming a musician. His parents, Kalainesan and Thenmozhi, both educators, are pleased with his career but want him to continue his education. Arivu is interested in pursuing a PhD in Oppari music in future.

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