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Indrasis Acharya: Bengali industry people are scared of good films

The director calls out the ‘insecurities within the Bengali film industry’

Indrasis Acharya: Bengali industry people are scared of good films
Indrasis Acharya

Last Updated: 12.25 AM, Mar 11, 2023


Ever since the theatres opened after the Covid-19 situation, the phrase, ‘Stand by the side of the Bengali film industry’ has been widely used by filmmakers, producers, actors, and actresses. The stars often ask people to buy tickets and go to the cinema halls. Is Bengali cinema losing its relevance? This question started cropping up. 

But director Indrasis Acharya negates the fact that Bengali cinema is going through its low. He posted his opinion on social media on Thursday where he wrote, “Maximum people who are well-wishers of Bengali films are the most scared that a good film is made.” He also added, “If they understand that some film is being good or maybe sufficiently good (I also doubt if they understand it), they try their best to send the film to the graveyard by correlating it with the ongoing mediocrity.” 

Is the director targeting any person or a group? He told Anandabazar Online, “I did not mean anyone in particular. I see a group constantly saying that no good work is done here. My message is for them.” Indrasis wrote in his post, “There is a huge difference between their capacity and their wish. However, it does not matter. Good works are always rare in number, and they still happen. It does not depend on their opinions.” 

Indrasis thinks that good works are done in Bengali, but they can not come to the limelight, which is unfortunate. The director of the film Parcel cited himself as an example. “I made five films without any godfather in the industry. I am lucky in that respect,” he added.  

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