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Is Shah Rukh Khan's life of a Delhi boy who rises to stardom the inspiration for Aryan Khan's Stardom web series?

Aryan Khan's directorial debut promises a gripping narrative of a young man's ascent in the film world.

Is Shah Rukh Khan's life of a Delhi boy who rises to stardom the inspiration for Aryan Khan's Stardom web series?
Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan

Last Updated: 01.35 PM, Jan 03, 2024


Preparations for Aryan Khan's first feature web series, Stardom, are underway. Because viewers are so curious to see what Shah Rukh Khan's son has planned, it has quickly become the most anticipated online series. Several reports have been circulating regarding the cast and even the storyline of the series. Reports are now circulating that Stardom follows a young man from Delhi as he achieves superstardom in the film industry.

Not a biopic, but insights await

Bollywood Life has reported that Aryan's Stardom follows the story of a young man from Delhi with enormous aspirations for a career in Bollywood. The series will depict the challenges and triumphs that a young man faces on his journey to stardom. Plus, the story's narrator is the son of SRK, so it's hard not to think of his journey when you watch it.

A source told the entertainment portal that it would be a stretch to claim that Shah Rukh's life story serves as the inspiration for the whole web series. It's not a biopic, but the insights of this young Delhi lad will undoubtedly be revealed to viewers in parts and pieces.

Filmmaker over actor

Because his superstar father never wanted his son to grow up in front of the camera, Aryan decided to become a filmmaker instead of an actor. However, the young filmmaker possesses all the necessary traits to pursue a career in filmmaking, and SRK has often acknowledged this. 

The superstar had earlier stated in an interview with David Letterman that Aryan doesn't have what it takes to be an actor, and he realises that too. However, he did praise his son's writing abilities. Being an actor is a dream that, in his opinion, must originate inside. There is something one must do and must acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to do it. When Aryan stated that to SRK, though, the Dunki star believed he understood it from him.

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