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Is Young Sheldon hinting at George Cooper's death? Fans stir up theories

A recent image from the set of Young Sheldon has sparked theories among fans about the impending death of George Cooper.

Is Young Sheldon hinting at George Cooper's death? Fans stir up theories
Lance Barber in a still from Young Sheldon

Last Updated: 11.50 AM, Mar 27, 2024


Fans are certain that a new set photo from Young Sheldon's seventh season portends George's demise. After Sheldon and Mary got back from Germany, the Coopers' lives took a turn for the better. As a filler episode, Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 5 is disappointing, although it could have been better under different circumstances. With George's proven death on the horizon, the family's newfound tranquilly will be short-lived.

Fan theories and Instagram hints

Fans are going wild over Raegan Revord's Instagram image, in which she pulls a stunt on her on-screen dad, Lance Barber, as seen in a Reddit post. As Barber steps into the hair and makeup department for the Big Bang Theory prequel, Revord writes, "GIVING LANCE AN EARLY heart attack." This serves as a jump scare for Barber. Respondents on the Reddit thread are unanimous in their belief that this remark portends George's demise in Young Sheldon.

Check it out below:

The inevitability of George's death

Even before Barber unveiled George, the Big Bang Theory had already decided that he would die. The Cooper dad had passed away long before the events of the nerd-centric sitcom began. His passing occurred at the same time as Sheldon was about to start college, as we learned in Young Sheldon. Georgie and Mandy's spinoff, starring Montana Jordan and Emily Osment, requires the prequel to tackle tragedy.

Now that we are certain of George's death, the next question is when it might occur. If Revord's social media remark is a portent of the Cooper patriarch's downfall, then it might happen very soon. While the Big Bang Theory family did not go into detail about the tragedy, they did express shock at the sudden loss of their dad. Because the execution of Young Sheldon season 7, which is now on hiatus, might happen at any point in the forthcoming episodes, this heightens the anxiety around George's death.

The timing couldn't be worse if CBS is serious about wrapping up the family series in style. Since Barber's George is such a beloved character, it would be ideal if Young Sheldon could spend as much time as possible with him. Overall, postponing George makes it more difficult to plan a fitting funeral for the family. The project could put the incident behind them and look forward if George died midway through the season.

Character dynamics and future implications

Young Sheldon portrays patriarch Cooper as a flawed yet loving family man, a stark contrast to the antagonistic father that Sheldon and Mary remembered from The Big Bang Theory. Because George's death will alter the course of the family's arc, it is more challenging to write about his impending demise in the prequel. Given that Missy and Mary will not be returning for the forthcoming Young Sheldon sequel series, Georgie will have to prioritise taking care of his mother and sister over his expanding family. We still need to determine the exact consequences of this decision.


Since Mary plays such a significant role in The Big Bang Theory, it is essential to examine how she differs from George, who has been the subject of much discussion on the similarities and contrasts between the two shows.

Their marriage is at a record high after years of hardship; therefore, Mary's inability to function due to sadness over George's death is understandable. The loss will have a disproportionately detrimental effect on Missy, who is quite attached to her father. If George passes away, she might stray from her redemption story and embark on a darker path that ultimately shapes her destiny in The Big Bang Theory. Regarding Sheldon, he will never get an opportunity to explain the truth behind George's multiple infidelity scandals.

Mary Cooper's role and development

The Big Bang Theory made every member of the Cooper family look worse, mostly because the prequel had more time to flesh them out. There has been a lot of focus on George's representation in the two shows, but Mary's discrepancy needs to be considered as well, especially considering her significant role in The Big Bang Theory. The Cooper matriarch's defining characteristics, such as her unwavering commitment to her faith, have persisted throughout the family comedy. However, she severed her connections with her former group of friends following her expulsion from Pastor Jeff's church.

Since Mary's home situation improved while she was on her own, this would have been a fantastic method to keep her healthy. But with her steadfast faith in the Big Bang Theory, it could lead to even more plot holes. In episode 5 of season 7 of Young Sheldon, George sought out Pastor Jeff in an effort to reintegrate Mary into his ministry, which led to her rediscovery of her faith. In the prequel, we learn how George portrayed Mary, the antagonist in The Big Bang Theory, and how his death is drawing near.

The next episode will be airing on April 4, following a little hiatus, on Prime Video.

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