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Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4 review – George's affair is revealed with a twist, along with Sheldon’s future preoccupation with ‘strings’

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4 is finally here. The episodic promo had teased Sheldon and Mary’s journey back home and Sheldon walking in on George cheating with another woman.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4 review – George's affair is revealed with a twist, along with Sheldon’s future preoccupation with ‘strings’
A still from Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4 of George and mystery woman

Last Updated: 10.17 AM, Mar 09, 2024


Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4, titled Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker, is finally available on Paramount+ and Prime Video (Indian viewers). In the last episode, Sheldon and Mary had still been in Germany, but this time they will be traveling back home. How will they find their respective purposes back in Texas again? Also, is George really going to cheat on Mary after the sweet letters they exchanged, both to save the telephone bill and their romance.

Young Sheldon Episode 7 Episode 4 Story

In Episode 4, Mary and George make their way back from Frankfurt to Texas via multiple layovers and flights. But tough weather conditions, turbulence and a screaming baby for most of the 18-hour journey has rendered Sheldon half-mad and numb, while Mary is too tired to celebrate being back with her husband in bed at night.


Things get worse for Sheldon when he discovers that Georgie, Mandy, and baby Ceecee are bunking in his room, and he has no place but the couch or garage. After Ceecee cries till Sheldon’s vein is about to pop, he somehow passes the night without sleeping a wink. But morning is fresh hell for the meticulous Sheldon with his timed toilet visits.

But Missy’s chore chart and toilet schedule has George on the commode with Sheldon forced to find some other place to relieve himself. The poor kid simply cannot catch a break till he rushes to his private dorm room in East Texas Tech, to find it occupied by a bespectacled kid playing video games. An unlikely bond develops between the two, with Sheldon reading a computer science manual and playing video games.

Mary finds herself purposeless back in Texas, with Missy having everything under control. After trying to be of use to Missy, Meemaw, Dale, and George, she finally finds her place when Missy comes home crying as Taylor has broken up with her. And that night, she is in the mood as well, ready with the surprise she had promised George. She had brought a wig and a fun, sexy German outfit to roleplay with her husband.

As things get steamy and Mary’s persona Helga and George get in the mood, unbeknownst to them, Sheldon walked into the house and on hearing strange voices opened their bedroom door slightly to peek. On seeing his father with a blonde, German lady, Sheldon bolted from the room, determined to always knock thrice in the future.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4 review

Young Sheldon explores multiple important easter eggs from The Big Bang Theory and manages to play off George’s cheating scandal without demeaning the beloved patriarch. In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon had revealed to Penny the reason why he knocked three times. It is because when he was 14, he had walked in on his father being in a compromising position with another woman.

The matter had always been a haunting reminder in the mind of every Young Sheldon fan as George is a great father and a sincere husband. Despite the light flirting with Brenda and sneaking around, he had never actually cheated on Mary. The clarification that what a 14-year-old Sheldon saw in a glance was actually his parents roleplaying in the bedroom is not unlikely, and a huge relief. This maintains the image of the selfless, hard-working father that he always was.

As for Sheldon, it is evident he is growing up and slowly arriving at the realization that he must leave his nest soon as there is little space for him there. His family loves him wholeheartedly, but he is quite a handful now and it would be cruel to restrict him to an ordinary existence when his mind is so superior. His eventual shift to Pasadena and meeting Leonard draws closer as well, as Sheldon is now familiar with String Theory, on which he worked for years in The Big Bang Theory.

It is also understandable that his family is pretty distracted in the tornado's aftermath. And Sheldon being Sheldon with little empathy for others and a love for being the center of attention takes it personally. Else why would he not have visited home for long in The Big Bang Theory with little contact with anyone but Mary and Meemaw. The episode shows Missy, Meemaw, and Georgie lesser than usual, focusing on ticking all the boxes with Sheldon while keeping them along for the ride.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4 Verdict

The episode is heartwarming and delightful for two main reasons. First being Sheldon’s enlightenment in physics and his inclination to study String Theory further. The second is the assurance that Mary and George always remained true to one another and together till the very end.

The lack of focus on Missy and Meemaw in this episode is a bit disappointing, but properly focusing on Sheldon for once makes up for it. The episode is equally funny and enchanting, making it easy to watch it on repeat till the next episode, titled A Frankenstein Monster and a Crazy Church Guy arrives with a glimpse of Billy Sparks dancing, and Sheldon discovering AI.

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